Singing Bear

Friday, October 30, 2009
By admin

Singing Bear, originally from Cleveland Ohio, is the artist and inspiration behind ABM.  He is a poet, songwriter, actor, singer, dreamer, and mystical musical alchemist.writes intimate and powerful songs that really leave you imprinted with a deep message.  With obvious talent, his smooth guitar grooves and soulful voice dance the lyrics into life.  Some songs are stories of his life, some are humorous analogies, and some are galactic journeys into a timeless sense of oneness.  During his live performance, Singing Bear is known for extensive vocal improvisations, often adding extra spontaneous verses to his songs.

The timeless masterpiece, Earthsong, off his new album “Gold” (ABM’s first official release) is featured on his website.

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4 Responses to “Singing Bear”

  1. 1
    Marcus Schossow Says:

    I seem to be having a problem , subscribing to your RSS feed. It comes up with error 500. Let me know if its a known error or if its just me . Ive tried Chrome and Firefox. Im using Eset Firewall and im not sure if its turned on . Im not Great with Laptops. Ill bookmark your site and see if you have responded. much appreciated

  2. 2
    Kevin Says:

    What an awesome song? (Again) And the video is good too.

  3. 3
    Kevin Says:

    Do you sing other writers’ songs. I have written a few songs that I think would suite your style. Let me know whether you are interested.

  4. 4
    mr daine ramjit Says:

    hello singing bear
    I am from Cleveland ohio and I do write songs and poetry right now I have five of them on cd demos and I would love to send then to you
    please let ne know if you would take the time to have a listen to them to which I would be highly appreciated.
    my phone numbers are 2166335919 and 2163157522 my address is 5721 Gifford Ave, Cleveland, Ohio 44144.
    thank you
    mr daine ramjit

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