Scott Joplin Song Video Lesson?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009
By admin

I have the sheet music for this songs, but im slow with learning it. I’d prefer a video or some sort of digital piano that shows how to play it, so I could pick it up quicker. Is there anything out there online or on the market?

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2 Responses to “Scott Joplin Song Video Lesson?”

  1. 1
    Cin Reaper Says:

    God love you for preserving the memory of Joplin and his music. My first exposure was the soundtrack of “The Sting”
    Good stuff!!!

  2. 2
    krys Says:

    don’t know, but scott joplin is difficult to learn, so be patient. Rag time can be more difficult for some pianists.
    It’s all in the fingering. Make sure you do hands along and have precise fingering…….this will speed things up. Don’t rush to put hands together, until they’re perfect alone.

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