Which Record Labels Accept Unsolicited Demos?

Thursday, November 26, 2009
By admin

a friend and I recently started recording together ans we were wondering what labels accept unsolicited demos we already know all about why many labels don’t accept them we were wondering which labels do

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3 Responses to “Which Record Labels Accept Unsolicited Demos?”

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    Billy Says:

    A good majority of independent record companies still accept unsolicited materials. However, the best way to get your music solicited is not to send them directly to the labels personally, but to give them out to your fans and tell them your looking for a label. There is usually only 6 degrees of separation between your band and a person with pull at a record company. Meaning the person you handed the Cd to knows somebody that is best friends with a guy who’s brother works at Capitol Records (Example)

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    Dallas Says:

    You could probably get accepted with Tate Music, but you will be asked for money up front.
    Thats the only problem I had with their deal.

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