Wu Tang Clan “CREAM”

Friday, August 27, 2010
By admin

See Music Videos www.bvmtv.com that you CAN’T See on You Tube! even some X RATED music videos! +Live Chat and Embed video codes. The Clan first became known to hip hop fans, and to major record labels, in 1993 (see 1993 in music) following the release of the independent single “Protect Ya Neck”, which immediately gave the group a sizable underground following. Though there was some difficulty in finding a record label that would sign Wu-Tang Clan while still allowing each member to record solo albums with other labels, Loud/RCA finally agreed, releasing their debut album, Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), in late 1993. This album was popular and critically-acclaimed, though it took some time to gain momentum. The success of Enter the Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers established the group as a creative and influential force in early 1990s hip hop, allowing Ol’ Dirty Bastard, GZA, RZA, Raekwon, Method Man and Ghostface Killah to negotiate solo contracts

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26 Responses to “Wu Tang Clan “CREAM””

  1. 1
    reborninsanity Says:

    OLD SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all these new fake ass rapers could learn a few tricks from Wu Tang.

  2. 2
    WindyCkityFolkkz1974 Says:

    classic i wish music cud go back to these days n 2pac old skoo nas biggie mobb deep bone thugs

  3. 3
    GSINX2010 Says:

    Rae and Biz markie could be brothers

  4. 4
    BWSUnknowBWS Says:

    Give us back ODB , Ill Give u Justin Biber .

    P.s I Can Throw Lady Gaga 4 free

  5. 5
    01Howard Says:

    Wu-Tang is still the best and will be the BEST !!!

  6. 6
    ProdAhmed Says:

    Cash Rules Everything Around Me !!
    Shit going hard !!

  7. 7
    marky4512 Says:

    dhat hard shitt.. i miss disz shit rite here

  8. 8
    batmanlooksgood Says:

    This song is where it ALL started. Wu Tang Forever!

  9. 9
    xtr0gd0rx Says:

    @JessFreshSole93 drake isnt even worth mentioning

  10. 10
    thegreif911 Says:

    “How can Hip Hop be dead if Wu Tang is forever?”
    Well, Hip Hop is in a coma

  11. 11
    LimitedCash Says:

    The best thing about Wu tang Clan is that they rap about real life issues and the struggle. I can’t stand all of the garbage that big labels produce these days.

  12. 12
    superstaradidas222 Says:

    went with a sick ass click and went all out

  13. 13
    forevermorphingari Says:

    real shit

  14. 14
    Nyztik Says:

    Hip Hop Has It’s Name Because Of Groups Like Wu Tang And Bone Thugs, Regardless Of This New Era Bullshit, Hip Hop Shall Survive.

  15. 15
    OziiBeats Says:

    shut the smurf up. She’s not dead. but you guys , yes YOU , are tryin’ to kill her.

  16. 16
    footballtom3685 Says:

    I’m only 3 weeks old and I love this song cool! I hate that crap like Justin Bieber and lil wayne and lady gaga!!! The 154 people who disliked have a fatal brain tumor!!!!! The best part is 0:00 to 4:00 lol XD OMG FAIL

  17. 17
    moziewarrior Says:


  18. 18
    indispensablesoul Says:

    I soooo remember thumping this in the Maxima back in the day.. with my hot wired AMP and 12s in the trunk..lol… TILL IT CAUGHT ON FIRE..LMBO

  19. 19
    DuhDuhDuhDoodle Says:

    “When rappers are rapping to rap. you get the art of rap.

    when rappers are rapping to sell. you get products marketed as art.”

    true as fuck

  20. 20
    TheGreghingst Says:

    i love me some death metal but i’m a sucker for wu-tang

  21. 21
    1414TheMan Says:

    Its getting hard to keep true Hip Hop alive now that the younger generations think the new “Hip Pop” is true Hip Hop. I hate how ppl love wayne cuz he “freestles”…yeah he freestyles about pointless shit and has maybe one meaningful song. Hip Hop is supposed to have a story or meaning to tell, to get ppl out of the ghetto not get into it cuz its “cool”

  22. 22
    MrTrippyChips Says:

    How the fuck does gay-ass Justin Beiber have more views than this gold?

  23. 23
    Quesballin Says:

    @JessFreshSole93 thankk youu!!

  24. 24
    nr1santaclaus Says:

    Damn I’m trying to get those kind of leather jackets everywhere WTF
    Wu-tang 4life real g shit right here not like kanye or drake or lil Wayne and especially Justin homo bieber but my comment is about the jackets pls help

  25. 25
    BigCM06 Says:

    Cash Rules Everything Around Me

    if only rappers today had any idea what that shit really means….

  26. 26
    FirstGeraldo Says:

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