How To Build Leaping Light Arches For Your Christmas Display

Wednesday, March 30, 2011
By admin video shows you step by step details of how be built our leaping light arches, 8 channels of white, LEDS, and 8 channels of blue LEDs.. These are made to be used with a 16 channel Lightorama synchronized lighting controller.

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50 Responses to “How To Build Leaping Light Arches For Your Christmas Display”

  1. 1
    nathan12345toto Says:

    do you use the wood jigs to help you know what zone is what

  2. 2
    Bman8862 Says:

    Whats your electricity bill after you take ALL of that stuff down?

  3. 3
    mikeee54 Says:

    Or,, you can just Re-solder the original pass thru plugs that you originally cut off back on once you have your lead wire lengths cut

  4. 4
    jeffostroff Says:

    @pez162 I used 144 channels of lighting on nine 16-channel LightOrama controllers

  5. 5
    pez162 Says:

    On tv

  6. 6
    pez162 Says:

    How do u sync the lights with music?

    P.S. I saw ur house at 9:00-9:15 nice

  7. 7
    actionadventures Says:

    Brilliant work : )

  8. 8
    jeffostroff Says:


    Yes, at the time I could not find 15 or 20 foot lengths at Home Depot or Lowes. You have to go to some other professional plumbing supply place. I plan to-build my arches because they have fallen apart.


  9. 9
    lflmyl Says:

    is there a reason you don’t use one 20′ pvc pipe instead of making a joint in the middle?

  10. 10
    geordiemark1991 Says:

    Amazing display. Do you know if they make Light O Rama for the UK Market? Cheers, Mark

  11. 11
    johnson8ryley Says:

    hey what are the bright led lights inside the big man made tree. It’s the one’s that are white and flash whenever there in. Please tell what they are (we want some for our show this year but have no clue what they are) and possibly where to buy them. THXS!

  12. 12
    jeffostroff Says:


    You can look at creative displays dot com under Installation Supplies. You’ll see all sorts of plugs, and zip cord. You have order your stuffy by August or all the places sell out online. This is where everyone goes to buy all their stuff. Beware to make sure you get the right plug for your job. Plugs in my video you cannot plug other lights into so it makes it hard to share an outlet. I like to cut plugs off dead strings and solder them onto my arches and poles now. – Jeff

  13. 13
    baylor42 Says:

    Excellent tutorial!
    I’m having trouble finding the extension cord in green and plugs you mention… where did you order/buy them?

  14. 14
    drshizon Says:

    wow! nice video. I saw some strobe lights, where did you buy it?

  15. 15
    homeboy1004 Says:

    Wow, thanks. I didnt think I was going to be doing an arch for a long while, but I them saw this and I’m now thinking I’ll do it for my first year! man I’m a teen with lots of money so I can buy all the channels I want lol. I’m building my controlers for the cheap though Anyways thanks.

  16. 16
    dgajr93 Says:

    could you please get back to me and tell me where you buy the spools of cord. thankyou

  17. 17
    jeffostroff Says:

    Tritonmac251, That song at the beginning of the video is called “Wish Liszt (Toy Shop Madeness” by Trans-Siberian Orchestra. It’s a rock and roll version of Franz Liszt ‘s famous classical masterpiece known has Hungarian Rhapsody #2.

  18. 18
    Tritonmac251 Says:

    what`s the name of song which is at the 0:01

  19. 19
    MaStAdJcHaD Says:

    Thanks, this was helpful.

  20. 20
    thelightguy1 Says:

    Thank you so much! I was planning on making leaping arches for next year. Your video helped me out so much.

  21. 21
    hammerfister Says:

    Do you use that tripod to hold your arch up or is the rebar enough?

  22. 22
    ramjet67 Says:

    That was cool, thanks for the tips.

  23. 23
    EltonBob Says:

    Thank You So much for all your help. I am going to add the Arches in my 2009 display.What I would like to know is if you are planning to make an Instructional DVD on how to make the arches and Mega Tree?

  24. 24
    3swelldogs3 Says:

    look up light-o-rama

  25. 25
    papitored Says:

    how did you program the lights to move like that its like a light choreagraphy

  26. 26
    NotARacistRapist Says:

    Why JME always spit these bars on freestyle?

  27. 27
    2flawless91 Says:


  28. 28
    sam890890 Says:

    Come through with a bop and a lean

  29. 29
    girlbetterknow2 Says:

    I Love JME. That is all.

  30. 30
    naynayakarenee91 Says:

    looool random vid for a random song – JME is peng tho :p

  31. 31
    columba1234567 Says:

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  32. 32
    columba1234567 Says:

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  33. 33
    kishancam Says:


  34. 34
    valcan99 Says:

    NO, SAD, YEP, WAT.

  35. 35
    BraderssMurray Says:

    I want JME’s Blue Jacket at 1.54

  36. 36
    Thrigmar Says:

    @YourAMassiveCunt L M A O !

  37. 37
    roxburgh5 Says:

    i hate black people

  38. 38
    aaron31313131 Says:

    songz ard fuck what u lot say pagans

  39. 39
    YourAMassiveCunt Says:

    they were paid chicken to do this video.

  40. 40
    moh3650 Says:

    172 people’s cd’s are still alive

  41. 41
    xS2KPainTrain Says:

    Tempz seems little calm in this video then some his others :D

  42. 42
    garagereggae1994 Says:

    Temps teeth r all spaced out lool

  43. 43
    nuffinlong1 Says:

    172 people couldnt get a day job :D

  44. 44
    mikolio1 Says:

    can get some right skanks to this! haha

  45. 45
    JesseJrMC Says:

    jme makes me wanna doo rag

  46. 46
    JamJamo2008 Says:

    @traingunner U obviously don’t know what dead means in slang, which is why i said it.

  47. 47
    brazza96 Says:

    the baseball bat just suits tempz perfectly haha

  48. 48
    LMbabes Says:

    tempz wore the same top in hype ting hahah

  49. 49
    traingunner Says:


    Lol I wasnt trying to slang

  50. 50
    sweatybingus Says:

    WACKLE !!!

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