(HQ) Pretty Lights – Country Roads (Remix) [2011 Remixes] (John Denver)

Friday, October 14, 2011
By admin

FREE DOWNLOADS @ MY MUSIC BLOG: sophistefunk.com SUPPORT US WITH A ‘LIKE’ ON FACEBOOK www.facebook.com ============================================== “Country Roads (Remix)” by Pretty Lights from the ’2011 Remixes’ Follow/connect with Pretty Lights ——————————————– + Website: prettylightsmusic.com + Facebook: www.facebook.com + Twitter: twitter.com Check out more artists on the Pretty Lights Music label ————————————————————————– + Break Science: bit.ly + Paper Diamond: bit.ly + Michal Menert: bit.ly Pretty Lights provides and releases all of his music (and remixes) for free, if you enjoy what you’ve heard please consider making a purchase of his album collection or merchandise via the Pretty Lights Music website. Tags: Pretty Lights, Country Roads, remix, John Denver, HQ, electronic, electro, music, Pretty Lights Music, Michal Menert, Paper Diamond, Break Science, gjciotti, sophistefunk

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50 Responses to “(HQ) Pretty Lights – Country Roads (Remix) [2011 Remixes] (John Denver)”

  1. 1
    cashwat210 Says:

    This guy sure likes to talk about West Virginia

  2. 2
    MGrass420 Says:

    WVU should play this version at the end of their football games.

  3. 3
    MGrass420 Says:

    @skimsurf23 What kind of statement are you trying to make about West Virginians? You sound ridiculous.

  4. 4
    turkurdurrrg Says:

    @philpbsteptoe He didn’t try, he succeeded. And made both better.

  5. 5
    turkurdurrrg Says:

    @SLAPDASHdiiip why don’t you give it a go?

  6. 6
    baXter2106 Says:

    @CAFeiden bit nippy goin through the pass eh Hair?

  7. 7
    jrtncpmp Says:

    one of the best remixes by pretty lights so far. he just keep making more and more dope music

  8. 8
    duceduo2 Says:

    @CAFeiden West Virginia is the appalachians

  9. 9
    bigdawg363 Says:

    if he says west virginia one more time…

  10. 10
    slm022 Says:

    WooooooooooW !!!! AMazing Dope !!!!!!

  11. 11
    RyanRoberzzz Says:

    @kmk4life86 Its off Dumb and Dumber dumbass.

  12. 12
    MrAmuhrica Says:

    @CAFeiden That John Denver was full of shit.

  13. 13
    kmk4life86 Says:

    @CAFeiden Yeah if it were the Rockies….But Nice try its The Appalachian Mountain Range OR Allegheny Mountains if you live here!!!

  14. 14
    kprior2325 Says:

    woooo! that one fricken awsome song dude! if i was with u id have u give me a high ten!

  15. 15
    llTuTorialll Says:

    @zerochild68 Hell yeah same here dude. All Good is this shitttttttt.

  16. 16
    zerochild68 Says:

    can you say front and center for allgood. im so proud of my state
    rollin faces ragin. def goin back next year… fuck bonaroo, its sold out crap now

  17. 17
    zegherminator Says:

    @FCKUfemalesexcrimes Yes. Yes it does.

  18. 18
    AHoust58 Says:

    where can i get this shit at?

  19. 19
    AHoust58 Says:

    where can i get this shit at?

  20. 20
    SLAPDASHdiiip Says:

    this remix is actually pretty good :) do people really listen to this when they get high? must make it that much better…

  21. 21
    NemesisHDgaming Says:

    that mix is so fucking cool!

  22. 22
    Aarodynamicshiphop Says:


  23. 23
    xxslayer66xx Says:

    @philpbsteptoe Pretty sure Derek Smith can do whatever the fuck he wants.

  24. 24
    philpbsteptoe Says:

    Are you seriously trying to mix dubstep and John Denver?… -.-

  25. 25
    FCKUfemalesexcrimes Says:

    does it sound weird if i where 2 admit that i masterbate 2 this song

  26. 26
    andrvis Says:

    Nu am gasit piesa ROMANEASCA mai noua..la care sa nu se fi gasit 2-3-4-5..10..20 de prosti..sa se certe pe o tema de cacat..ba fratilor..ce e asa de greu sa ascultati?..si atat

  27. 27
    edistone97 Says:

    @stefian77 ROMANIA IDIOT

  28. 28
    xDAlinukku Says:

    Romaniaaa!! ;x

  29. 29
    XTheWhiteTiger Says:

    @alexuta10 pai trebuie sa ne ajutam intre noi nu? de aia a ajuns Roamania cum a ajuns … acuma sincer sa fiu
    nu stiu ce a zis pentru ca a sters commentul dar oricum e urat de tot cand is toti impotriva ta mi sa intamplat si imi mie mila oricine ar fi …

  30. 30
    alexuta10 Says:

    @XTheWhiteTiger Totusi,in felu’ asta se duce naibii tara asta,mai rau decat e acu,trebe macar sa le atragem atentia,trist,foarte trist daca ajunge lumea sa ii ia apararea unui agramat sa nu zic analfabet….dar asta e…ma obisnuiesc cu ideea

  31. 31
    XTheWhiteTiger Says:

    @alexuta10 Apropo 1 nu prea cred ca e cazul sa discuti despre cum scrie sau vorbeste cineva pe internet … fiecare plateste un abonament pentru a naviga si a folosi serviciul si are dreptul si libertatea de a face ce vrea cu exceptia de a nu incalca libertatea altuia si 2 sicer sa fiu e doar parearea mea dar mi se pare nesimptire a lua la misto pe cineva doar pentru a atrage atentia oricat de rau ar scrie sau orice varsta ar avea … si apropo expresia ta se poate aplica si pentru tine …

  32. 32
    XTheWhiteTiger Says:

    saraca @ErikaBlake3 ati aduso la disperare …

  33. 33
    XTheWhiteTiger Says:

    @TheFamousDeejay apasa ctrl +f si copiaza numele ‘-_-

  34. 34
    TheFamousDeejay Says:

    Acum trebuie sa caut ce a zis @ErikaBlake3 :|:|:|

  35. 35
    gagicard Says:

    Numa *( Scz de gresala)

  36. 36
    gagicard Says:

    Sa mor eu ca numka Roamni se pot certa la comenturi si mai zicem ca suntem asa sau asa… Adica are Rost ???

  37. 37
    Phillip95pk Says:

    Milionce pogledanih je nase! :D

  38. 38
    JE4AA Says:

    Nemam pojma koja pesma :D

  39. 39
    JE4AA Says:


  40. 40
    MSSava91 Says:

    @bozidar065 Ergen Dedo :)

  41. 41
    MSSava91 Says:


  42. 42
    bozidar065 Says:

    Zna li ko kako se zove pjesma koja pjeva prvih 18 sec, makedonska-srpska je..?..

  43. 43
    naddolny Says:




  44. 44
    Bidza80 Says:

    @wildwoody100 Ali bas! :D

  45. 45
    wildwoody100 Says:

    @Bidza80 rime su nam bezveze…:D xD

  46. 46
    THC408 Says:

    am gasit : watch?v=kuTbM0R0ADQ

  47. 47
    THC408 Says:

    inceputul e folclor bulgaresc, stie careva numele ?

  48. 48
    Bidza80 Says:

    @wildwoody100 Vodimo i Pinokijaaaaa….. xDDDD Nidje veze.. :D

  49. 49
    rad1ch Says:

    Gde me nadje!!!!

  50. 50
    wildwoody100 Says:

    @Bidza80 Pa do Milovkijaaa!

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