Skrillex – “Reptile’s Theme” | LYRICS!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011
By admin

[[WARNING: Can cause epileptic seizures to those who can't handle the awesomeness of flashing images and stuff like that. WOOH.]] Skrillex’s Facebook Page: Twitter: YouTube: Record Label(Mau5Trap Records): OWSLA: ======================================================== Follow me on Twitter! Like me on Facebook! ======================================================== If you have any song ideas, please feel free to post them in the comments, or you can simply PM me on YouTube, or tweet me them on Twitter! Don’t forget to “Like” and “Favorite” this video, but ONLY if you loved it. I’m getting awesome feedback on these videos, and it helps me out a lot when you like my videos. Thank you for watching / listening! [DISCLAIMER] “Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use”

I discuss the pathetic state of rap and pop music, the extreme exploitation of artists, the corporation domination of mainstream music (radio stations and labels) and the impact of wannabe gangsta/ thug rap on today’s youth.
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50 Responses to “Skrillex – “Reptile’s Theme” | LYRICS!”

  1. 1
    mrmraycogamer Says:

    My eyes hurt

  2. 2
    Dylanfps Says:


  3. 3
    TheChief417 Says:

    @DubstepLyrics Youtube is so lame!! What did they say to you when they took it down?

  4. 4
    TheAnysnipers Says:

    did you ever jump yet

  5. 5
    ehab321azzam Says:

    NEW ! Cracked relply button == 0:00 :D:P

  6. 6
    HelloImJessD Says:

    can you do die this way skrillex?

  7. 7
    bamf5792 Says:

    yo on the part where it said toasty idk bout you but i swear i hear woopsy

  8. 8
    DeezuhLz Says:

    ——0:00—— Replay Button ——0:00——

  9. 9
    SamJohnsonAZ Says:

    im deaf, but thanks to your videos i can now enjoy dubstep.

  10. 10
    TheAnysnipers Says:

    better jump chuck!

  11. 11
    kibblesmunky Says:

    What the dying goron?

  12. 12
    killla4life2000 Says:

    i watched the whole thing without blinking o.o eyes…..meh nothing bad happened im good

  13. 13
    turtvrui10 Says:

    1:44 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!toasty

  14. 14
    megamulisha808 Says:

    chug chump is what they say to the college freshies

  15. 15
    ViviennesEgo Says:

    After watching this entire video, on my iPod, in the dark, I think I might either go blind, or go to heaven. -3

  16. 16
    michaelC2585 Says:


  17. 17
    DeezuhLz Says:

    dont mind those 17 dislikes, theyre my neighbors.

  18. 18
    gn8ster4life Says:

    i mean 0:44

  19. 19
    gn8ster4life Says:

    0:33 :D

  20. 20
    itzwired Says:

    oww my eyes gonna hurt cuz i watch that on fullscreen.. :)

  21. 21
    deathflame3 Says:

    1:30-1:31 Nyan cat!!! :D

  22. 22
    2Sluts1Cup Says:

    1:35 NYAN!

  23. 23
    DarkShadowBlu Says:

    1:27 to 1:44 = best

  24. 24
    laurenceKJ Says:

    @DubstepLyrics what happen to it??

  25. 25
    doom2sgt Says:

    Lol Subliminal messages on!

  26. 26
    TetsuoYagami Says:

    I agree with this entire video 100%.

    I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  27. 27
    SplizzlahSavage Says:

    Yeah we don’t make much sense , but what comes from us lyricist’s is the soul. we talk about the real, real shit that has happened to us. its the realness that makes rhyming so unique, Blend with pounding beats, good lyricist. You know i admit, just yesterday i realized i spilling to much on my mind gotta make sense out of it, I really hope the viewers and artists look at your video as advice on ways to improve there rap, As i am everyday! hustling

  28. 28
    MilitantMindedEnt Says:

    Great insight homie… loved the video! I promote the good stuff! Real truth muzik….. check out my page… @ youtube/MilitantMindedEnt

  29. 29
    MilitantMindedEnt Says:

    i thought it was just me…lol (check out my video “The Tribulation”… music with a real message! PM

  30. 30
    24osaka Says:

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  31. 31
    24osaka Says:

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  32. 32
    24osaka Says:

    Respond to this video… check out my 2011 worst songs so far video

  33. 33
    24osaka Says:

    Respond to this video…

  34. 34
    24osaka Says:

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  35. 35
    24osaka Says:

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    24osaka Says:

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    24osaka Says:

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  38. 38
    24osaka Says:

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  39. 39
    24osaka Says:

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  40. 40
    24osaka Says:

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  41. 41
    ghostgate82 Says:

    @restlesspride666 I wonder why that offends you Mr. “I think 666 is something that should be celebrated.” “Illuminati” is a generic, blanket term used to label the entire lot of evil people who are control freaks and need to control mass populations into their will. It is a FACT that a handful of families own all media outlets and universities. It’s not my theory. Do 30 minutes of real research you lazy fuck. Truth doesn’t come spoon fed like you want it to, you need to seek it out.

  42. 42
    brianmo180 Says:

    There’s still talent out there..


  43. 43
    JesusPaid4You Says:

    Great video.. I saw a clip of this video on one of WhitePlumeMountain’s vids. Yea, it’s all about the money and power. There’s no soul in music and movies anymore.

  44. 44
    mtnred5439 Says:

    country? hell their aint been any real country songs since like the turn of the century

  45. 45
    Jsmooth7444 Says:

    Bo Burnham discusses this in his song “Oh Bo”- Boburnham.

  46. 46
    SMOKEWEED1776 Says:

    There is still good music being produced, you just need to know where to look.

  47. 47
    ConsciouslyCreate211 Says:

    Demcad this is an excellent vid. Very funny, but truthful lol!

  48. 48
    ConsciouslyCreate211 Says:

    Lil Wayne sounds like he’s possessed

  49. 49
    epiultra Says:

    If i quoted you ver batum demcad, id be called a racist cuz im white. But i agree for sure. I think its just as wrong to be a black racist as it is to be a white racist. I dont know why some blacks who didnt experience life before civil rights are so hateful to whites. ie Chris Rock etc,is it to make us feel we “owe” them or is it true hatred? I like old blacks, theyre nice and well mannered and i have a couple of old black friends,but the 40s and younger generation got a chip on their shoulder

  50. 50
    uncutchemist Says:

    There is a good book called Hip Hop Slop that goes in depth on this topic. It is a little outdated but a thought provoker.

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