R&P:What’s makes a great album?

Wednesday, November 30, 2011
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Question by Beni, got his guns on layaway: R&P:What’s makes a great album?
1: Awesome and catchy songs that anyone could get into assembled together. Universal appeal.

2: Cohesive and with somewhat of a theme. Complete and makes sense and each song serves a purpose.

3: Deep and complex that takes awhile to get into but is awesome once you do. Acquired taste.

BQ: Which albums do you think fit each description?
I meant to you what makes a great album?

Best answer:

Answer by Bob Gallaway
it can be any or all of the above… They are not mutually exclusive though. especially 2 and 3

1. vampire weekend – vampire weekend
2. John Coltrane – A Love supreme
3. Radiohead – Kid A

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    rnrstar137 Says:

    I don’t think a great album has to be catchy or fit for a mass-market. I don’t think they have to be deep and complex either. Sometimes the best albums are the ones that hit you over the head, like Nevermind the Bollocks. I think a great album should be cohesive, it should have well-written songs that are performed with energy and enthusiasm, and the production needs to match the style of music. A blues, rock, or punk record should be left ragged (a good example being The Faces’ best records), but a pop record can be more polished. I think packaging also helps make a great album, the more memorable and creative the cover, the better.

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