Yun Tanhaa sung by John Baitali – Music score – Justin Smith – Lyrics – Deshkar

Tuesday, January 31, 2012
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Video made by John Sandra. Sung by: John Baitali. Music score and composition: Justin Smith. Channel : (justinsmithleo). Lyrics: Mr and Mrs. Deshkar. Sung before also by Nikita Daharwal. Channel: (nikitadaharwal). Dear friends, hope you will appreciate and liked our hard work. Please visit Justin Smith Channel, he’s a great composer. Thanks from John, Sandra, Jusitn and Mr and Mrs. Deshkar.
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Sketch Music is a collection of 21 short works for solo Piano, composed by Nikolas Sideris in 2011-2012. Ranging from very short and very easy, to somewhat long and rather difficult… A great introduction to some extended harmonic language and a freer form. The score includes 21 Black & White illustrations by artist Piero Pierini, one for each piece of the collection. Piano: Nikolas Sideris The score can be bought here:
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23 Responses to “Yun Tanhaa sung by John Baitali – Music score – Justin Smith – Lyrics – Deshkar”

  1. 1
    MrRajkoemar Says:

    Wow great your own song and sang only by you. Great composition/music and lyrics. You have sing it very good John. Maybe in the future your own CD. NIce video and nice how Sandra is walking in the front and you sing from behind. Good song!!! My compliments and all stars for you. Groetjes Raj

  2. 2
    mohdazizsaab Says:

    i must say iam not hating the song,but i dont think i ever heard it before.good job singing this unknown song.

  3. 3
    2tcccccc Says:

    Beautifully sung John,great composition and music.Thanks for sharing.
    Vipin Banka

  4. 4
    PranjliOfficialMusic Says:

    beautiful site and singing J&S U&Aunty

  5. 5
    kuckudk Says:

    I listened to you song once again.It is really good.
    Looking at Sandra , another song comes to my mind
    Akele akele kahan ja rahe ho hame saath le lo jahaan ja rahe ho.
    I hope you will like to sing this song also.

  6. 6
    TheAngeleyesfor1 Says:

    Awesome composition-Beautiful shot! Awesome location And Beautiful beautiful singing—Sandra Ji Ke achi khasi walk hogayi–ethne door walk karke kiya bhi kya bus aik pathar mara paani main lol …… Bade Loog kahete hai ager mann ashant hoo Ya mann main Gussa ho tho panni main pathar maar ne se Gussa kam hota hai lol hehehe:) Beautiful team work guys loved every bit of it:))

  7. 7
    johnsandrabaitali Says:

    @kuckudk Dear Sharma ji, this is a new song for all of us. Played and composed by Justin. He have ask me to sing this song on his music. I really enjoyed singing it and feel so honoured. Thanks to Jusitn. Thanks Sharma ji for the beautiful compliment.

  8. 8
    johnsandrabaitali Says:

    @fazilete Thanks Dear Fazilet for the encouraging comment. Love from John and Sandra.

  9. 9
    johnsandrabaitali Says:

    @jyotijwala Thanks Dear Jyoti for the lovely compliment for both of us. Also thanks from Justin.

  10. 10
    johnsandrabaitali Says:

    @apmukundan Thanks friend, we both are always so happy, thanks to taking your time and to watch our video. Love from John and Sandra.

  11. 11
    johnsandrabaitali Says:

    @jadugarbhandari Thanks Ashok Bhai for the beautiful compliment.

  12. 12
    johnsandrabaitali Says:

    @apoorvabhatt60 Thanks Apoorva Bhai for the great compliment. Happy you liked it so much. Love from John and Sandra.

  13. 13
    johnsandrabaitali Says:

    @zabin786 Thanks Amjad Bhai from Sandra and my for the lovely words of appreciation. You are a great harmonica player. Please dont said amateur. No one is perfect, we all are doing our best !!. We really appreciate your talent. God Bless You. Love from John and Sandra.

  14. 14
    johnsandrabaitali Says:

    @pankajved Thanks Pankaj bhai, we both are very happy with your compliment.

  15. 15
    johnsandrabaitali Says:

    @PanKeyHeikeNEU Thanks Dear Heike and love from both of us.

  16. 16
    johnsandrabaitali Says:

    @VSTPRIYA Thanks Dear Sister Priya for the beautiful compliment. Thanks from Sandra and myself.

  17. 17
    johnsandrabaitali Says:

    @sharmapradeep207 Thanks Pradeep Bhai for the wonderful words of appreciation. We both are very happy. Love from both of us.

  18. 18
    johnsandrabaitali Says:

    @sushantjainin Thanks Dear Sushant for listening, liking and appreciating.

  19. 19
    johnsandrabaitali Says:

    @swan516 Thanks Dear Jyotsna from both of us for the lovely compliment.

  20. 20
    johnsandrabaitali Says:

    @rajivsood25 Thanks Dear Rajiv for the wonderful compliment. Location is in Amsterdam. This song is new, is write by our friends and played and composed by Jusitn. Please visit his channel. He is a great artist and have give my his own song and music to sing. We all are very honoured with your support. Thanks from all of us.

  21. 21
    johnsandrabaitali Says:

    @sarlata20 Thanks Dear sarla ji for the valuable comment and kind words. We both are very happy you liked all. Love from John and Sandra.

  22. 22
    johnsandrabaitali Says:

    @tomandjerry2007 Thanks T&J Bro for the nice compliment. Yes this song is write by Mr and Mrs Deshkar and music is played and composed by Justin from India. Is his own music, he have ask me to sing on his music.

  23. 23
    johnsandrabaitali Says:

    @Shaam44 Thanks Dear Jemal Bhai for the wonderful compliment and sweet words. We both are always so happy with your Love. Hugs from both of us.

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