How important is the music score to a movie?

Friday, November 30, 2012
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Question by Sweet Judy: How important is the music score to a movie?
What is your favorite music score in a movie!

mine is The Big Chill

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Answer by Blake
The music in Star Wars.
It can make even a kind of silly situation seem epic.

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3 Responses to “How important is the music score to a movie?”

  1. 1
    HBhellzYA Says:

    Umm recently now…i don’t know the name but that rift the violin makes in The Dark Knight with the Joker well its not a score :l But Hannah had some good scores there’s one called Sun Collapse and Escape Wavefold

  2. 2
    Mjolner Says:

    Its critical to a movie’s success! Think Schindler’s List or Jaws or Davinci Code or Pirates of the Carribean or even As Good as it Gets. Great movies have great soundtracks. Even mediocre movies get a real boost from great soundtracks: Transformers, Conan the Barbarian, Legend of Sleepy Hollow, etc..

    My favorite? That’s like asking my favorite food. Its impossible to go with just one. I’ve named several above that I own. I’ll just add “The Passion”, “Titanic”, & “Rocky”.

  3. 3
    ROXY. sheila from OZ Says:

    VERY important! ‘Ghost’ would not be the same without ‘Unchained melody’
    the haunting ‘Gloomy Sunday’ and the theme from ‘The third man’ are all favourites. enjoy !

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