One Wish: The Holiday Album

Friday, November 30, 2012
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One Wish: The Holiday Album

One Wish: The Holiday Album

  • Whitney Houston – One Wish / The Holiday Album

Whitney Houston’s only holiday album, One Wish finds her power house vocals front and center over sparse traditional arrangements of standards such as The First Noel; Deck The Halls/Silent Night; Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas: Joy To The World , and The Little Drummer Boy , which also feature’s Whitney’s daughter Bobbie Christina on vocals! 11 cheerful tracks!

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The Ultimate Bee Gees (2 CD)

The Ultimate Bee Gees (2 CD)

THE ULTIMATE BEE GEES is a double-disc career retrospective featuring the group’s many hits and chart-topping singles, performances of a selection of hit songs they wrote for others, and liner notes by Tim Rice.
Tim Rice’s liner notes accompanying THE ULTIMATE BEE GEES puts the group’s extravagant popularity into perspective. ‘Within this package is a collection of performances and songs that very few practitioners of popular music of the past could match for quality, originality, and emotion

List Price: $ 19.98

Price: $ 7.30


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6 Responses to “One Wish: The Holiday Album”

  1. 1
    LightofBeauty Says:

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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Heavenly Made, Miraculously Born, November 22, 2003

    This review is from: One Wish: The Holiday Album (Audio CD)

    Whitney Houston’s One Wish: The Holiday Album is in my opinion one of Whitney’s most rewarding and uplifting albums she has ever heavenly sent to her fans. Forget about the media, the tabloids, and the disappointment of her last album, Just Whitney, “THE VOICE” herself has made a tremendous effort to rise once again through this body of art. The first song I just WANTED to hear before my mother bought this was “Little Drummer Boy” featuring miss Bobbie Kristina Brown! Immediately from hearing that sweet and already womanly voice from Bobbie Kristina, I fell in love with all the rest. My other all time favorite Christmas songs on here are “I’ll Be Home for Christmas,” “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” and “Joy To the World” (it’s hard to tell if that version came from The Preacher’s Wife soundtrack…i believe that she added a little something special in there…it sounds completely different from the soundtrack). All in all, I hope any fan or used-to-be-fan can give Miss Whitney a chance, she has come back with something very rewarding and special for us to share with loved ones on the holiday through peace, joy, and love from heaven to earth.

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    Anonymous Says:

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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Whitney’s best album, November 26, 2003
    By A Customer
    This review is from: One Wish: The Holiday Album (Audio CD)

    I own all her albums & soundtracks, and I think that with this christmas album, she has delivered her best work yet! Her delivery is so full of emotion (something that lacked on her earlier records) and her vocals are extremely strong. Highlights are the haunting and powerful O Holy Night, the very original and uplifting Deck the Halls/Silent Night and basically every track.

    The production is TOP NOTCH! And the vocals are TOP NOTCH! It doesn’t mean that she sounds like “Saving All My Love For You” when she was 21, the innocence is gone, but she sounds close to the Preacher’s Wife, just a little deeper. Her voice is now mature and full of emotion and soul. In my opinion, her voice and singing is superior now because it’s not bland like it was in the 80′s. But do not worry, with this album, she hits all the high notes and her vibrato is back. She sounds much better then her last effort last year.

    All the clips on amazon are taken from the beginning of the songs, so each song builds up later into something VERY special.

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    Anonymous Says:

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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Whitney Brings Holiday Spirit Early, November 19, 2003
    By A Customer
    This review is from: One Wish: The Holiday Album (Audio CD)

    When I heard that Whitney was doing a Christmas album, I had mixed feelings. After buying and hearing this CD, I am more than happy that I bought it. The feelings she puts into each song can definitely be felt and sends a sense of love, happiness, and joy through your being. I am generally not a holiday person, but this cd has inspired me to put a bit more effort in being cheerful for the holidays. Ms. Houston has chosen songs that have been recorded in their traditional style and made them her own. One Wish is excellent and a must have.

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    Larry Davis "powerpoplarry" Says:

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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Yes, another GREATEST HITS…big difference tho…2009 REMASTERS, YOW!!!, November 5, 2009
    Larry Davis “powerpoplarry” (NYC/Long Island, NY) –

    Yes, it’s a new “greatest hits” package, with many of the songs in previous collections…the big difference is: 2009 REMASTERS!!!!! These remasters, post “Odessa” are the first time they’re released…previous packages by Rhino like “Greatest Hits: The Record” and “Gold”, plus “Love Songs” and “Vol 1″ & “Vol 2″ are not just OLD masters, but straight reissues from Universal…NOT 2009 REMASTERS!!!! Did you like the remasters on the album reissues so far??? “Odessa” was killer, right?? Take that quality of remaster and add it to their whole catalogue…it’s a taste of what’s to come!! I popped on CD1…”You Should Be Dancing”…the difference is instantaneous…the remasters in your face…I heard instruments that were BURIED…percussion parts, bits of piano, guitar riffs, a warmer sound…I did NOT expect this at ALL…my eyes popped out of my skull…and there was no advance word of this type of KILLER remastering…it wasn’t hyped like the new Beatles remasters, but these remasters are on par with the Beatles…one of the most shocking (in the best way possible) remaster jobs I’ve ever heard…now I REALLY need the rest of the remastered catalogue ASAP…I have “The Albums 1967 to 1968″ and “Odessa”, now this…WOW!!! Oh yeah, the DVD is fun to watch, the packaging is not cheesy AT ALL…the discs are well-protected and secure…the notes are well-written, and the pics are nice…my two complaints are on the edits of “For Whom The Bell Tolls” and “Secret Love”, cuz they are a bit short, but they could be UK 7″ single versions…yet the edit on FWTBT was much more jarring on “The Greatest Hits: The Record”…also, while the first disc is nicely filled up…78 minutes & change…the second disc tops out at 68 minutes and end with a short 3-song live medley of songs that others covered…instead, they could have put the studio versions (“Islands In The Stream”, “Heartbreaker” & “Guilty”) and added the missing songs from “The Record”…”Immortality” (Demo), “Love Me”, Robin’s solo “Saved By The Bell”, maybe the title track to “Odessa”, as that was a cancelled single and “First Of May”, whilst a great song, doesn’t represent the masterpiece “Odessa” opus too well…maybe “Paying The Price Of Love”…they could have filled up 15 minutes of space easily…small quibbles…GREAT package…and again, those 2009 remasters KILL ME…if the new 2009 remaster of “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart” doesn’t give you chills like never before, something’s VERY wrong with your ears…sorry.

    I also wish the DVD was a FULL video collection, but this is just a taste…something will come…I wish the clips of “This Is Where I Came In”, “When He’s Gone” and “Paying The Price Of Love” were included…but I’m happy the rare UK & Europe-wide #1 hit “You Win Again” (#75 US, dispicable) clip is on there…love the 80s arty industrial feel…and Mo’s guitar synth!!!! Overall, this package stunned me cuz I didn’t expect the remastering to bowl me over like it did, and it’s a taste of what’s to come…woohoo!!!

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    Martin A Hogan "Marty From SF" Says:

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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    The 50th Anniversary!, November 4, 2009
    Martin A Hogan “Marty From SF” (San Francisco, CA. (Hercules)) –
    (TOP 500 REVIEWER)
    (2008 HOLIDAY TEAM)

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    For having so many greatest hits packages, the first question is why another? 2009 is the 50th Anniversary of the Bee Gees and the first time they announced that they would, after all, reunite as the Bee Gees. When Maurice Gibb passed away in 2003, it was declared the Bee Gees were over and Barry and Robin went their separate ways. This is a celebration.

    The nicest surprise is that fans are now given an official video disc of 18 of the Bee Gees more popular songs. “Spicks & Specks” is the original grainy black and white version, but “New York Mining Disaster 1941″ is a rare clip, interspersing montages of children and coal miners which is a more direct reference to the lyrics. “Tomorrow, Tomorrow” represents the year the Bee Gees temporarily lost Robin but is a great song from their TV special “Cucumber Castle” and a nice addition even if a bit fuzzy. “For Whom The Bell Tolls” is one of their under appreciated gems and this video is one of their best (I miss “When He’s Gone” as a video). “Still Waters Run Deep” is a rare video in that it is the single version of the song with an electronic harpsichord (not the album version). However, the most professional video has to be “Alone” with its images over the years spliced into the song.

    The sound is far superior to all previous releases (other than the videos), including Tales from the Brothers Gibb and The Bee Gees – Their Greatest Hits: The Record. Everything has been remastered to sound better than all previously releases. It appears that `most’ of the songs chosen were all in the Top Twenty either in the USA or the UK. This makes for a nice Anniversary Edition, even if you already own most of these songs. The box is (as most are nowadays) a cardboard foldout with a slipcase. But the insert has a nice write-up from Sir Tim Rice with some photos of the group as they progressed over the last fifty years. Its not extensive, but gives enough information to sum up the Bee Gees career (so far).

    Below is a chart listing from The Bee Gees: Tales of the Brothers Gibb. All USA with the UK when noteworthy.

    New York Mining Disaster 1941 #14
    To Love Somebody #17
    Holiday #16
    Massachusetts #11 (#1 UK)
    World – (#9 UK)
    Words #15
    I’ve Gotta Get A Message To You #8 (#1 UK)
    I Started A Joke #6
    First Of May #37
    Tomorrow, Tomorrow #54
    Don’t Forget To Remember #73
    Lonely Days #3
    How Can You Mend A Broken Heart #1
    My World #16
    Run To Me #16
    Jive Talkin’ #1
    Nights On Broadway #7
    Fanny (Be Tender With My Love #12
    You Should Be Dancing #1
    Love So Right #3
    Boogie Child #12
    If I Can’t Have You (Yvonne Elliman) #1
    Emotion (Samantha Sang) #3
    How Deep Is Your Love #1
    Stayin’ Alive #1
    Night Fever #1
    Too Much Heaven #1
    Tragedy #1
    Love You Inside Out #1
    Spirits Having Flown – (#16 UK)
    Islands In The Stream (Dolly & Kenny) #1
    Guilty (Barbara Streisand/Barry Gibb) #3
    Heartbreaker (Dionne Warwick/Barry Gibb)#10 (#2 UK)
    You Win Again #75 (#1 UK)
    One #7
    Secret Love – (#5 UK)
    For Whom The Bell Tolls – (#4 UK)
    Alone #28
    Still Waters Run Deep #57
    This Is Where I Came In – (#18 UK)

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  6. 6
    Lou1972 Says:

    23 of 25 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    The Bee Gees Biggest & Best Hits, November 3, 2009

    Compiling a greatest hits compilation for one of the most successful bands of all time can be a little challenging since The Bee Gees have had hits all over the world, many times in some countries and not in others, so choosing the biggest and best hits will ultimately leave a few by the wayside. But “The Ultimate Bee Gees” pretty much covers all of their biggest hits in a neatly packaged two-disc set. In contrast to 2001′s The Bee Gees – Their Greatest Hits: The Record which was presented in chronological order, this collection starts off with 1976′s “You Should Be Dancing” and continues with their big 70′s hits and progresses into the 80′s and 90′s hits. It’s not until disc two where we hear late 60′s hits like “I Started A Joke” and “To Love Somebody”. It’s on disc two where the compilers of this collection (the Gibb brothers?) have chosen to include mono mixes of “Words”, “I’ve Gotta Get A Message To You”, “New York Mining Disaster 1941″, “Massachusetts” and “World”. Though these are the original mono single mixes (also available on The Studio Albums 1967-1968), proper stereo mixes for all these songs were made in 1990 for the Tales from the Brothers Gibb box set and would better suit this collection than the mono versions. Aside from that, the packaging includes liner notes by Sir Tim Rice with detailed track information as well as photos of the group from each decade.
    The Bonus DVD is the real treat here. There are 18 video clips included, from original promotional films to live performances to modern videos. One real oddity is the raw alternate studio version of “Lonely Days” used for the promo clip. Highly recommended!

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