ROMANTIC SPANISH GUITAR #6 Best Music Instrumental Songs Slow Classical HD video musica de guitarra

Wednesday, December 5, 2012
By admin

6 of 6 ≈ ≈ Relax Now. Visit our Channel. 8-) ROMANTIC SPANISH GUITAR #6 Best Music Instrumental Songs Slow Classical HD video musica de guitar solo original Please, LIKE, SHARE, FAVORITE, COMMENT on our videos. SUBSCRIBE to both our channels and see 199+ Videos, A+ Channel…

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48 Responses to “ROMANTIC SPANISH GUITAR #6 Best Music Instrumental Songs Slow Classical HD video musica de guitarra”

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  4. 4
    Marija Petrovic Says:

    This is amazing…

  5. 5
    HDnatureTV Says:

    If you LOVE THIS, See Aldo play it LIVE in the VIDEO RESPONSE BELOW!

  6. 6
    burropita Says:

    Me and my girlfriend walking on the beach, watching the sunset and listening to this music … perfect <3

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  11. 11
    Keett oo Says:

    Great one <3

  12. 12
    Phaitoon Phiroon Says:


  13. 13
    youarlved Says:

    Greetings from ND. Thanks for being here. I will share you with others. B in Bismarck

  14. 14
    manalexxxx Says:

    !!!!!! classical fingerstyle guitar tabs —>>> FINGSTYLE. COM

  15. 15
    magdinka1 Says:

    i love ittttttt so much

  16. 16
    aryakenzo Says:

    good nite… have a nice dream

  17. 17
    10lisayang Says:

    You can see a beautiful fish jump out of the water precisely at 2:03 :)

    Such a beautiful clip altogether…..the music…the scenery (REAL live scenery might I add)…

  18. 18
    aaksh04 Says:

    it’s so nice
    cool tube…

  19. 19
    Felix Braxmaier Says:

    Hey all, here is my NEW song, composed by me. Hope you like it.
    Like, subscribe and comment the Video!! :D And if you like chech out my other songs.

  20. 20
    MrThumbsup90 Says:

    How can people NOT like this video? It’s fantastic..

  21. 21
    panglimajawa Says:

    peaceful place,,,awww,,,

  22. 22
    fahad khan Says:

    very nice

  23. 23
    anitadastandon Says:

    No words to express… Its breathtaking !!!

  24. 24
    TechByKalum Says:

    Honda NSX is the car

  25. 25
    pspassdoll Says:

    i can do better in tekken and gt5 everyweek

  26. 26
    Kawasaki Dragon Says:

    honda nsx

  27. 27
    Nick Champ Says:

    it was the honda nsx jay.. lol are u sure ur a male bro? lol trolls

  28. 28
    99prayownz Says:

    It was the Honda NSX :P

  29. 29
    AlienGooBrain Says:

    S2000 LOL at your wrongness

  30. 30
    Alex Rodriguez Says:

    the car was a honda NSX

  31. 31
    HaloFTW2408 Says:

    I believe the car may have been a honda s2000, not entirely sure.

  32. 32
    Tobleus Says:

    #4 was a cheat that you can turn on in the options menu.

  33. 33
    OcarusTube Says:

    I enjoy your videos, but not to be an asshole, neither take the credit from the number 5 holder, but you should really replay Tekken, there’s nothing Beastly about it, Survival only gets difficult when you get to 30-35 Wins.
    Anyways, @aGoesIn, congratulations and keep on improving!

  34. 34
    GavinC667 Says:

    ih does nd ihs the honda nsx

  35. 35
    curtischancx3 Says:

    is it me or does gt5 look shit?

  36. 36
    AsiksTV Says:

    If you know how hard is to drift on GT 5 you would set him in first place

  37. 37
    macamocodude Says:

    Honda NSX

  38. 38
    L0Litsamuffin Says:

    music chanel is in the description

  39. 39
    CyberThechSlifer Says:

    @JayEx23 whats the song cause ChimneySwift11 got the same song and i realy want to know it
    the background music

  40. 40
    RaptorQuickscopes Says:

    1 was on anoj top 10 too

  41. 41
    Will Smith Says:

    Hey guys i know only a couple of you will read this but im a small youtuber and i upload beast gameplays like 32-0 with the spas12 and 21-0 scorpion only, i play with subs regularly and reply to all comments, id really appreciate some feedback and maybe a sub :)

  42. 42
    shotgunfett Says:

    @ToonLetsPlays Solar – Noisestorm

  43. 43
    AnimationFix Says:

    how the fuck diddnt 2 win?

  44. 44
    ToonLetsPlays Says:

    wuts the songs name?

  45. 45
    CircuitDubstep Says:

    Yes *

  46. 46
    CircuitDubstep Says:

    Yet mine was number 4 and yea crappy quality used the FIFA recorder thing and no sliders ::)) jx is a beaaasstt

  47. 47
    Wroclawskiv2 Says:

    Never thought i would see an NSX drift like that…

  48. 48
    zman962005 Says:

    That drift was sexxxyyyy

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