How can a band get signed to a major label without releasing their first album?

Thursday, January 31, 2013
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Question by Andrew: How can a band get signed to a major label without releasing their first album?
i know you have to send a demo in, but is that just for independent labels? or can you record a few songs and send it to major labels and see if you get a catch? I don’t want to release an album on an independent label because all of our first album songs are really good and i feel like they won’t get the attention i want if it’s on an indie label.

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Answer by Emily
It’s all about luck. Major labels have their pick of literally millions of bands. Talent scouts are responsible for bringing new talent to the label. Both independent and major labels have talent scouts/A&R scouts.

Honestly, nowadays there are not too many differences between indie labels and major labels in terms of how much exposure/attention you will get if you’re lucky enough to be signed. There are indie labels that will give you just as much exposure as a major label, and there are major labels that are running out of money and might put you on the backburner when you least expect it. So, if you’re lucky enough to be signed don’t assume you’re getting great deal right away. Do your research :)

It helps to be represented by, or have the advice of a manager who is involved in the music industry. Build up your reputation by playing out and touring as much as you can. Bring an email list sign up sheet to all your shows and get people to leave their email addresses so you can build your fanbase. Then, try getting in touch with booking agencies to see if they will represent your band.

I know I’m all over the place here, but what I’m saying is, I think touring is more valuable in the music biz today than having an album. I’ve toured for years without ever having recorded a full album. Getting exposure means you will meet people who want to produce you, to represent you, and to build your fanbase. You can send in demos to record labels and approach labels if you want to, but the best way to get “in” is probably to already have an “in” with someone else, like a booking agency or a manager – who you will hopefully meet by networking with other musicians as you tour and gain experience.

I hope this is helpful, and not insanely confusing.

Good luck!

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