What is a good place to sell old Records?

Saturday, August 17, 2013
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Question by Bec: What is a good place to sell old Records?

My parents have quite a collection of old records and were just going to throw them away. I thought I could try to sell them online somewhere to help them make a little money but I can’t seem to find a good place to do so.

I don’t like Ebay so please don’t send me there…

All of the records are in pretty good condition most still have the inner sleeve in them.

I looked on Amazon but didn’t see them having any of the few titles I looked up.

Thank you for your help!

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Answer by Jaymie
There are no local stores that sell used CD’s and records?

Haha. Maybe you could try an antique store :P

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    Curtis C Says:

    There is quite a active market for used Vinyl records – especially one’s in good share. There are quite a few Audiopiles who insist that Vinyl is the “pure” way to listen to music. I have a friend that builds record players for this market.

    Google “vinyl record sales” and see all the places that will sell/buy old records. Your parents might make a little bit of money off these. I would not throw them away till I found out what they are worth!!!!
    If you are in a major city, I’d be really surprized if there wasn’t some sort of local store that buys and sells vinyl.

    I found one person with 363 records he was selling on Craigs List for $ 1 each – as a lot. There is a idea – use the Crailist in your area.

    Or try Vinylsearch.com

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