How Do You Get A Record Deal With Columbia Records?

Monday, September 9, 2013
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Question by iCarly97: How Do You Get A Record Deal With Columbia Records?
i really want a record deal with columbia and i want to be a famous singer can you guys tell me how

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Answer by chocolatebear41

umm well first u have to work ur way up and get yourself out there

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2 Responses to “How Do You Get A Record Deal With Columbia Records?”

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    Muse - Viktor's Mommy Says:

    Since you just want to be famous…

    1. Be very attractive. Not just “kind of cute” but very attractive and, most importantly, have sex appeal.
    2. Have decent talent.
    3. Make a demo.
    4. Come up with money for someone to represent you (agent/manager).
    5. Start performing everywhere you can and do some self-promotion.

    If you actually wanted to be a musician, I would say take voice lessons and enroll as a music major in college (if you ever go to college). But since you only want to be famous, that’s a moot point.

  2. 2 Says:

    Muse – Viktor’s Mommy is almost right. You don’t need talent though. You just have to be marketable. Record companies are only after a quick buck, and you only want to be ‘famous’ so it seems like you’ll get along fine.

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