What PC does Music Production (With FL Studio) requires?

Thursday, November 28, 2013
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Question by World Dominator M: What PC does Music Production (With FL Studio) requires?
I am planning to buy a new PC soon, but Im not sure what a good PC for music production contains. Is it the sound card? I also checked something about recording, and it said something about having 2 sound cards.. Something I noticed on my current, is that in FL Studio when I set it on record, EVERYTHING is muted except my voice. If I try play the song while singing, the song is muted. Why?

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Answer by Techgique
Most likely you have made a beat in the pattern, but have not placed it on the playlist. Put your patterns on the playlist by clicking on the pattern names in the lower left area of the playlist window (F5) and then paint them across the playlist. Now when you “record onto the playlist”, you can hear the patterns playing with the music and your vocals. Remember that you need to be using an interface to record with or you must have ASIO4ALL selected in order for FL Studio to accept any sound input.

You don’t need two sound cards, you just need one good audio interface. The more affordable ones plug-in through USB and many use Firewire to connect. It’s like having a sound card outside of your computer. good luck bud

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    eMTau Says:

    i totally agree with Techgique….anyway, for the PC part…i’d recommend a Core2Duo 2.5GHz minimum, 2GB Ram, 250GB Hard disk minimum (or get two Hard disks, 1 for system, 1 for Studio) and lastly, an Audio Interface USB or Firewire (2 soundcards is not necessary). An Audio Interface acts as a sound card but better…it is mainly built for Studio Productions and most have mic/midi inputs, etc…

    all the above information is what I recommend….although I use a lower spec PC than what i recommend….it will be much more easier if u have the above specs…otherwise u will tweak your system like i did in order to get good performance with FL Studio

    good luck

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