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Saturday, January 25, 2014
By admin

A few nice Keyboard images I found:

Black Topre Realforce 105U keyboard

Image by Adrián Pérez
A mechanical keyboard with a clever design: it is not very noisy but has a nice tactile feedback, and pressure needed on keys is distributed in such a way that your little fingers will not hurt after insane amounts of hours using it. It is made in Japan, and difficult to find in Europe… Unless you live in Finland. Now I have one of those (yes, that’s my hand saying "I like this") with nordic layout, which fortunately is not causing me any troubles because it’s very similar to the Spanish one. Not a cheap acquisition, but I expect it to last for the next 10 years, so it is actually an investment :-D

(more info)


Image by seanmcgrath
My 12" Powerbook keyboard

WASD Keyboard

Image by robscomputer
A WASD Keyboard semi-custom with yellow keys and laser etched lettering in modern font, red ESC key. This model has the Cherry MX Brown switches and the o-rings to make a very nice and quiet keyboard. The color while it looks bright is really a more muted yellow, it’s like the older BMW M3 E36 yellow, not like the screaming yellows.

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