RHH: Are Hip Hop Magazines Album Reviews Still Relevant?

Tuesday, February 25, 2014
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Question by The Infamous Stephen Escobar: RHH: Are Hip Hop Magazines Album Reviews Still Relevant?
im not tryin to bash them i bought the source last month but it just seems like anything u can get in in XXL or the Source you can get on a hiphop website thats a more up to date ex: reviews, interviews, rumors, ect. but i know, no online review “5/5″ will mean the same thing as “5 mics” or “XXL”. so are magazines album reviews still relevant?

RHH2: When was the last time you bought a Hip Hop magazine.

RHH3: Do u agree with the Source that The Naked Truth – Lil Kim is a 5 mic album
(up there with Illmatic, The Blueprint, Aquemini & It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back and others that are in Rolling Stone’s top 500 greatest albums of alltime)

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Answer by GRKiller

1. No. The fact that some of these so-called “hip-hop magazines” have even taken the time to review work by Gucci Mane and Soulja Boy has destroyed all legitimacy they once had.

2. Never

3. lol, No

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15 Responses to “RHH: Are Hip Hop Magazines Album Reviews Still Relevant?”

  1. 1
    Q-Tip Says:


    RHH2: Like a year ago

    RHH3: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA You have got to kidding me!

  2. 2
    The Evil Genius Says:

    1. I read them occasionally.
    2. My subscription to XXL just ended. I dint think I’ll renew, I could just check their website or any other Hip Hop site.
    3. Haven’t heard it.

  3. 3
    ShallowDeep - A.o.D Says:

    1. No, they’re not relevent t ll, just like the first guy said, they review some of the most whack rappers to pic up a mic. I think hip hop magazenes will be replaced by legit hop hop websites soon enough.

    2. never

    3. no?

  4. 4
    bENzhi ◄▬▬●★● Says:

    I’m the type of person who doesn’t like to spend money when not necessary, so for me buying a magazine is pointless if I can get the same stuff online. I still think magazines are relevant however, there is something about getting an album review printed and published in a magazine that makes it more official.

    Last time I bought a RHH mag was in the summer, it was August’s edition of XXL with Young Jeezy talking about trappin’ and his work. At this point I was sick of RIP Michael Jackson editions and just wanted to get a general hip-hop read.

    No I don’t, not at all. In fact, giving it 3/5 is being extremely generous, it doesn’t compare to those albums you mentioned.

  5. 5
    representin_gbg Says:

    Nah. I just saw Plies and Lil Wayne both get XLs on some album or another in XXL.

    RHH2: I haven’t bought a Hip-Hop Magazine in over 2 years.
    RHH3: Just because an album gets 5 mics doesn’t mean it’s a classic or it’s perfect. It just means it should receive an A rather than a B as a letter grade. I’d rate a lot of albums as 5/5 but not necessarily 10/10 or 100%

  6. 6
    Shelltoe what would JCVD do? Says:

    RHH: i never really cared much for album reviews in the first place so they have never been relevant to me.

    RHH2: i bought Scratch about a year ago. not real big on magazines

    RHH3: i havent heard the album so i cant say. but i have heard Lil Kim and that makes that hard to believe.

  7. 7
    Scholar Says:

    They never were relevant to me. I let my ears decide.

  8. 8
    Impulse Says:

    No…websites are way faster, get information and all that minutes to hours later, the magazines you get a month later. It’s outdated.

    RHH2: The Ludacris movie edition of XXL.
    RHH3: No.

  9. 9
    The Notorious D.Ⓐ.V.Ǝ. Says:

    cosign GRKiller

    except in RHH2 i say:
    a month ago

  10. 10
    italian.beauty Says:

    RHH: I agree with GR. How does Soulja Boy even get an interview? pathetic.

    RHH2: Maybe a year and a half ago.

    RHH3: hahahaha. fail.

  11. 11
    The REAL Jack K Says:

    No, but as a whole magazines aren’t relevant. You buy it, and it’s got maybe three articles you’ll read and a bunch of crap you won’t. Surf the net enough and you’ll find a review or an interview for free.

    Never paid for one

    Not at all.

  12. 12
    Otto Says:

    1. I used to like XXL and Scratch, never The Source or Vibe (too much azz kissing and payola involved), but Scratch has ended and XXL just gives everyone a XL now, plus I read a review of one of Cam’s albums and they misinterpreted an entire song. Like for reals? Why review something that you don’t even get? SMH @ their “critics”. On top of that, they also claimed “Laffy Taffy” and “Party Like a Rockstar” were some of the best hip-hop songs of the 2000′s. I’m seriously waiting for XXL to review Lady Gaga’s next album as they seriously don’t even know what hip-hop is anymore.

    2. Last year I bought an issue of Scratch. I usually read magazines at Barnes & Noble or the library for free, though.

    3. Never listened to it. Didn’t like the singles.

  13. 13
    devin_the_dude187 Says:

    1. i stopped taking the source seriously when they awarded lil kim’s naked truth 5 mics (it was the only hip hop magazine i read)

    2. probably back in 2003

    3. see my first answer

  14. 14
    D.P. = Revolution Rhymer Says:


    2: beginning of last year, mixtape mag

    3:I don’t believe anything from the Source

  15. 15
    amelia Says:

    Yes I love True Magazine they have the best content ! check out the website

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