Major recording labels in California?

Monday, March 24, 2014
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Question by solve answer girl.: Major recording labels in California?
I want 2 be a singer and I want to record in California, but I want the record label to be big, like everyone knows it and will listen to it. I want to be famous, but I want to record in California. So any help please?

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Answer by Tony
There’s thousands of recording labels in Los Angeles. There’s no “big” recording labels, songs just become popular.

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3 Responses to “Major recording labels in California?”

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    Obviousman Says:

    If you don’t know the major record labels already, I’d say it’s too late.

    Actually, telling you the major record labels in SoCal won’t help at all. It’s not like you can call them or send them a demo tape (which goes right to the trash).

    If you want to be “famous”, you should already have some fame around where you live. You should have been singing since you were 5. You should have been singing in church choirs, school musicals, and any local event in your area. You should have been taking singing lessons since you were five. Life just doesn’t work out like that: You can’t just wake up when you’re 14, and decide you want to be famous. It has to start much earlier, as a child, with a desire to sing/act/whatever that burns inside of you like nothing else.

    If you try to come out here with a pipe dream and no experience and no resume, you’ll be in for a huge disappointment, at the very least. Check out those pople on American Idol that THINK they can really sing, but really can’t. They are the ones crying at the end of the show.

    If you look at the biographies of anyone who ever made it, you’ll see that each one of them started singing at a very early age. If you start now, you’ll never catch up to the ones here that have been doing it all their lives.

    Sorry to burst the bubble, but that’s how it is.

    BTW, if you want to find record labels out here, you can just use Google maps. Find Los Angeles, click on “search nearby”, and type “records”. You’ll get a listing of the dozens and dozens of record labels out here. The bigger ones will stand out.

    Another way is to find your favorite singers on Amazon. Then look at their albums. It says the name of the record label somewhere on the screen.

    I remember the days when they used to actually sell vinyl records, and they actually had a label on them. LOL

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    tcmae Says:

    Well I know Atlantic Records, and the Warner Music Group has it’s offices, I’m not sure if it’s there head quarters though, but it’s in Burbank along the 134 off Olive. You can go there, and talk to the executives, and see if that will work. I don’t think that will work at all. Well if you want to become famous, you need to get publicity. One thing you can do is audition for American Idol. If you make the top 24, you have publicity already, and have a chance that you can be signed to a record label. You will have a better chance that you will be signed to a major record label if you make the top 12 at least. If not American Idol, you can try out of America’s Got Talent also. Another way to get publicity is just create a YouTube account, and upload videos of you singing and performing. From there, you can perform in clubs, lounges, and events. Like Andrew Garcia from American Idol, he already has his publicity from YouTube. Also Justin Bieber was first discovered from YouTube, and look at him now, he is really popular. To know how he was discovered, go to , and it shows how he was discovered. You can be famous just by showing off you talent on YouTube. From being famous like that, you can be discovered by singers, musicians, and record labels which can get you a record deal.

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    Pook Says:

    Labels don’t really work the same way they used to. They would rather sign an artist that already has a following, and sometimes they will sign an artist for an album that was recorded before they were signed!! The major recording studios are actually going away – people have the ability to record in their basement or at a local recording studio for much cheaper than the major studios.

    When was the last time you heard of an artist that was signed because some record exec heard them on the street? It just doesn’t happen that way anymore (unless you win American Idol). Artists have to work really hard to market themselves and get fans and play shows – but of course they want it to look easy. I have a friend who just got signed and she’s been making her own albums for over 10 years (and she has a degree in vocal performance). So the best thing you can do is keep practicing! You’ll be more appealing to a record producer if you already have experience recording and playing in front of local crowds than if you’re totally new it.

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