A chance to go onto a record label?

Thursday, April 3, 2014
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Question by Matt: A chance to go onto a record label?
This is a label that has contacts with various major labels. They help and train upcoming artists

I am a composer. And I have a chance to go onto a label, this is independent with only 11 or 12 people on it, but I don’t know if I’m good enough to get signed. I play guitar and bass. I can play fairly good but I int like amazing amazing.

Shall I go onto it?

This is one of my songs


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Answer by Christopher C

Looking for a record deal? Want to get signed to a record label? Phantom City Studios is looking to sign new artists. Send demos to Phantom City Studio’s record label in Orlando, Florida for a chance to get signed or get a distribution deal. Phantom City Studios is near Disney, and Universal Studios, in Orlando, Florida.


Go to PhantomCityStudio.com/Demo_Submission for details on how to send your demo to Phantom City Studio in Orlando, Florida for a chance to GET SiGNED and get a record deal with Phantom City Studio’s Record Label.


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    Skip I Says:

    aside from having a real following and selling tickets (the only thing that matters anymore) your best bet is to do it yourself and maintain control. a good website to go to for that is http://www.theDIYmusicguys.com

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