I’m looking to buy a new Bass Guitar can anyone Help?

Tuesday, April 29, 2014
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Electric upright bass
by Bill Ruhsam

Question by Mitch: I’m looking to buy a new Bass Guitar can anyone Help?
Ok so i play alot of Rock-A-Billy but do not want an upright bass (too Big) so is there anything out there that isnt gonna cost me an arm and a leg that’ll give me the sound ?

Oh and it has to look the part too !!!

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Answer by jazbas@ameritech.net
You might make do with a EUB (Electric Upright Bass). There are various companies that manufacture these instruments. In my opinion though, there is NOTHING that can substitute the sound of the upright bass. Believe me, I’ve been looking! I hate taking mine out especially here in the Midwest cold temperatures.
The best way to get that Rock-A-Billy sound is to get yourself and old Kay upright bass (Lately an arm, leg, & torso!) Or get yourself a King Bass specifically made for the rigourous Rock-A-Billy style.

Other than that, in my opinion and mine alone, you might want to look in to the Fender Vintage Re-issues of either the 1951 Fender Precision Bass or the 1957 Fender Precision Bass. Here’s the thing, these basses should have FLAT WOUND STRINGS on them and the tone control completly rolled off to get the kind of upright thump.

I have a ’57 reissue that I use as a back-up when I know I’m playing a long gig with the upright and my fingers need a break. You lose a bit of the upright’s transients but the bottom end is there for sure!

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