What’s a Percussion gun?

Monday, April 14, 2014
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Question by wtfdude: What’s a Percussion gun?
I’ve been wanting an 18th century gun replica and I found a replica for $ 149.73 and it says in the description it’s a percussion replica, or a percussion gun. I wanted a gun that I can shoot (not blanks, or just gunpowder charges, ACTUALLY shoot) at the shooting range, and I’m not sure if a percussion pistol is what I want

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Answer by The Deadliest Mushroom
“Percussion” means that the method of igniting the charge is with a “percussion cap” that fits over a nipple on the back of the chamber. It is akin to a primer on modern cartridges, but fits on the outside of the chamber rather than inside.

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    jadamgrd Says:

    If it is a black powder it can be actually shot. But, I understand your dilemma. Buy from a reliable place.
    Look here, all these are made to be fired and quite fun to shoot http://www.dixiegunworks.com/

    Oh ya, they can be percussion also called “cap and ball” or they can be flint lock both are a type of ignition

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