does anyone have a band. How did they get theyre music online? ?

Wednesday, May 28, 2014
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Question by KG23: does anyone have a band. How did they get theyre music online? ?

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Answer by Val!Lovebutton
An easy way to get it online is MySpace…

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    Kate Says:


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    Aaronjrbot Says:

    my friend started with youtube then they made T-Shirts with the name of there band on it and sold it at school, next thing they knew they had enough money to go to a recording studio

    Good luck :)

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    pary4information Says:

    If you have a good musical ear I suggest . You do have to download their player but it gives you the first page for free and gives you the key and the time signature. If you’re looking for more complete songs, for which you don’t have to do any work I suggest . It has guitar and bass tabs for almost any song. Unfortunantly though the singer and the drummer are left to fend for themselves. And if you actually want to purchase a whole music book for the songs I suggest

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    GuardianVolt Says:

    Self-Distribution is a choice for many artists. It allows them to be in control of their band and music without having to answer to anyone or be controlled by a management company or agent.

    An easy way to SELL your music DRM free with a lot of music lovers. eMusic caters to a lot of independent artists. Upload your music and sit back. As the community on eMusic searches for certain types of music they’ll find you.
    Same as eMusic only it’s an online radio and a way for people to FIND new music. This is a good tool for PROMOTING your music.

    Another great tool for PROMOTING your band

    If you’ve got some money or a friend with a camera introduce your band to the YouTube community through interviews, self made music videos, and live recordings. A great way for people to FIND OUT MORE about your band and music.

    ===Custom Website===
    A rather expensive choice but it may be worth it if want a more professional feel. However with the expenses of bandwidth and development costs it may not be worth it after all. Myspace/Youtube/and a slew of other sites are ready and willing to host your music for you. A website would be more of a Business Card, a place to tell people where you are, what gigs are booked, and who to contact if they want to book a gig. You can also use PAYPAL and your website to easily sell a CD or t-shirts.
    If you want to sell CDs that’s fine too. Some people like buying an actual physical copy of your work. You can use’s CD printing service to create your physical CDs and Cases and then sell them on Amazon. However amazon’s fees make it very difficult to make a big profit sometimes.

    Just for the heck of it, put your music on iTunes but remember, don’t use iTunes as your only distrubutor as it’s very limited. Only people who have downloaded and installed iTunes can download your music.

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