Help writing album reviews?

Monday, May 26, 2014
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Question by suddencoolness: Help writing album reviews?
I have been wanting to get started writing album reviews for a while. The problem is that whenever I start I seem to find that I lack the words to describe exactly what is happening in an album. Whether it be a solo, certain type of chord, guitar picking, ect. I just cannot seem to find the words to describe some things and it makes me lose confidence in my review. Is there a place online that can help me learn some of these things and how to be a better album reviewer?

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    burntumber Says:

    The key to writing good album reviews? Read, read and read some more. Try to diversify your reading, don’t limit it to just music magazines – this way your vocabulary will grow. It’s not necessary to know the type of chord or guitar picking unless you’re writing for a specialist guitar magazine. It’s an advantage, yes, but not a necessity, and chances are your readers will be interesting in knowing your opinion of the album – not stating facts like the chord progressions. Make a few comparisons, if you feel it’s needed, describe if any of the tracks evoke any emotion or specific thoughts, and always explain why.

    I looked through a few different guidlines and found this, I think it’s the most informative and effective instructions you can get about writing reviews without getting a journalism degree. Best of luck!

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