Hopsin should sign with Shady Records?

Saturday, May 24, 2014
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Question by iLLumiNASTY: Hopsin should sign with Shady Records?
I do not think Hopsin is as quoted “A clone of Eminem” as I have heard but you can tell even though he doesn’t ever talk about him he’s most likely highly influenced by him. Hopsin sounds like the old Eminem. I like it but at the same time he’s original. I am a huge Eminem fan. He’s my favorite rapper and I’m into a lot of old school and underground cause 75 % of the mainstream is garbage.. But what are the chances of Hopsin signing with Shady Records? That would be dope. Hopsin, Eminem, Slaughterhouse, and Yelawolf. By the way 50 Cent is still in Shady Records right? Please comment/answer.

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Answer by Zixuang Zhou
Shady records still around? Is it underground now?

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5 Responses to “Hopsin should sign with Shady Records?”

  1. 1
    Dave Says:

    No, the new eminem is garbadge. I don’t want hopsin going down that path.
    Yes 50 cent is still aftermath and shady, but he might be leaving soon (if he hasn’t already).

    EDIT: 50 Cent always had G-unit records, but he’s still in shady and aftermath.

  2. 2
    LSD Swag *AshyLarry* Says:

    Hopsin is trash, imo; trying to get buzz from the horrorcore resurgence (due to Odd Future), its pathetic.

  3. 3
    Sam Says:

    I don’t think Hopsin should sign with Shady because he’s managing Funk Volume, and he’s starting to blow up. Just cause a rapper blows up doesn’t mean he has to sign with a the other famous rapper. he’s doin his own thing and if he did sign with another lable my guess would be that it wouldn’t be Rutless again, and it would be Strange Music.

    I think 50Cent has his own lable called G-Unit Records now

  4. 4
    Jacob M Says:

    0% chance he will sign to Shady Records. He turned down a contract w/strange music. He has said numerous times that he is riding all the way with his label Funkvolume. Even though Eminem is his biggest influence and he is a big fan of Yelawolf he won’t sign to a major label. He also stated before that he doesn’t want to sign to a major because of the bullshit Ruthless put him through.

    I’ve seen him say no to people asking him if he would sign to Shady on his twitter also.

  5. 5
    Noah Says:

    Nooooo Hopsin will not go with Shady Records because Hopsin is a firm believer of illuminati and shady records has got illuminati written all over it along with interscope records and other…

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