How can I enter the music industry?

Sunday, May 11, 2014
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Music Industry
by StewartJames

Question by Ash: How can I enter the music industry?
I sing, and play piano and guitar. How could I start to get a foot in the door in the industry?

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Answer by shesmypriestess


MySpace is a web site that was created specifically for professionals in the music business. Everyone you want to notice you, either has a myspace page or browses myspace frequently. However … one word of caution for you. The people on myspace are looking for professional quality performances. If your performance level is not of that high professional standard, then you would be well advised not to post your music on MySpace until it is of that high quality.

What do I mean by a professional quality performance? Just compare yourself to to best performances you can find. If you can look yourself in the mirror and say beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is your very best performance capability, then it’s probably good enough to get you noticed on myspace but, you should be comparing your performance to this level of performance capability.

You may also want to try out YouTube, become popular there.

Good luck to you!

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2 Responses to “How can I enter the music industry?”

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    AADHAR Says:

    U must not only sing u must know everthing in music 4m top to bottom….First go to music class and learn everything and i think its better to you yourself create sumthing new will be useful for yourself and to others too…Y don’t you publish urself in newspapers and others!!!…

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    Everyday Says:

    thousands upon thousands of people are trying to get their foot into the industry just like yourself. many have been around performing longer than you or i have even been alive, and way more talented. you have to realize that you are not any different than these people. once you know that, you need to set yourself apart from them. be unique. if you want to be noticed, you need to stand out. there are any number of ways to do that. from creating some crazy gimmick like ICP or Gwar, to crotch shots, and nip slips like britney and all of those fools.

    talent goes a long way. however, it all depends on what exactly you want out of your career and life. if you just want to be rich and famous, and do that whole american idol, or disney route, you don’t have to be talented. being pretty will work. with auto-tune anyone can sound like they can sing. your major record labels want money, and if they can market you to make them money, you have a shot. hanna montana, justin beiber, and these kids sell ridiculous numbers, but its because the people that are buying them are little kids that think because they see them on tv, they are good. thats why you see these people everywhere, its because they can make money. once their 15 minutes of fame is up, they are dropped off at the curb and some other fad is in (twilight).

    unfortunately if you go the route of real talent, the money drops down significantly. of course you don’t have to sell your soul, so thats a plus. start recording yourself, and performing. build a name for yourself. if you really are talented, your career will get off the ground. it may not be as glamorous as you hoped for a few years, but nothing is easy. use social networking sites to get your music out there. send out demos. and most importantly, network with people. who you know goes a long way in the music business so go meet people and building relationships.

    find and surround yourself with people in the music industry, and you will start getting opportunities. nothing happens overnight. if by chance it did, it’d be over just as fast as it started.

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