I think I have what it takes to become a professional singer. Does anyone know what I can do to achieve that?

Friday, May 23, 2014
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Question by Taylor B.: I think I have what it takes to become a professional singer. Does anyone know what I can do to achieve that?
I have wanted to be a singer my whole life. I have a great voice and have won many awards. I am even doing a solo in my school’s middle school show choir.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me to help achieve my lifelong dream to become a singer?

And please, I am looking for real answers. NOT STUPID ONES!
Thank you.

Please feel free to email me if you have any comments or questions. Thanks!

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Answer by leazngurl

Maybe you can try going to your counselor and get suggestions. Talk to your choir teacher. Good luck and hope your dreams come true. When you have become a singer…….don’t forget to come sing at my wedding kay! hihihi

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18 Responses to “I think I have what it takes to become a professional singer. Does anyone know what I can do to achieve that?”

  1. 1
    Mommyk232 Says:

    Audition for American Idol.

    (I was in an amazing show choir- in HS- I am an accountant now- don’t get your hopes up)

  2. 2
    natmys333 Says:

    Make yourself known! Go and sing at local karaoke nights and anywhere where they have an open mic night. Also talent shows! American Idol is a option also when it is close to your hometown! Good Luck!

  3. 3
    FaZizzle Says:

    1) Take voice lessons–you THINK you have what it takes, but what you always need is to improve.

    2) Settle into musicals and choirs, for now

    3) Audition for the bigger musicals put on by your local drama troupe.

    4) Don’t expect your name in lights.

  4. 4
    fafa Says:

    go to broadway and keep it up. sing in local places where people always around like parks bus stops or even in the middle of manhattan!

  5. 5
    Raff Says:

    Pray. Then move to Nashville or some other musical center and soldier on working in the industry. Make sure you are always working. So if you don’t find your dream job, make a point of finding a job in the industry and keep plugging away. Do not expect that you will become (enter name of your idol here) overnight, but keep working at it and you will be able to make a career doing something you enjoy. This will make your life v pleasant. and life is here to be enjoyed.

  6. 6
    phoenix Says:

    Why not audition for “American Idol”.


  7. 7
    Ricky the Kid Says:

    the first thing you have to do is make a resume of all your achievements focusing more on your singing talent… what singing groups you’ve been involved with, the stage performances you’ve gone through, etc.
    then, try looking for online talent searches or check out the classified ads. you need to be proactive… advertise yourself. :) or perhaps you can also derive contacts from friends and relatives… maybe they know of someone who knows someone who can help you achieve your goals — networking! :)

  8. 8
    arsteatr Says:

    Show yourself up!

    I doesnt really matter how nice you sing, if people dont know you exist…well…you dont. Move to a big city, organize your own performances and let the media know about it, set you own website up and believe you are the most outstanding singer in the whole world, not only believe, act likewise.

    If you check any biography on any singer, the self marketing is somehow included in their success.

  9. 9
    coolness Says:

    try out 4 a show or something. they always have stuff like that in the paper.

  10. 10
    James D Says:

    go to your local recording studio and record a demo, or buy a computer program to record songs through the comfort of your own home. If you own a mac computer i recomend using Garage Band, if you have a PC, you might want to use ACID Music Studio (thats about 70$ ) also (if you choose to do this in your home) you’ll need a microphone. go to your local music shop like Samash for example and buy a cheap mic. once you install your software have it run you through the tutorial and then start recording. save your recorded files and put them on a blank CD. Once your CD is made whether it be from a studio, or your computer, send it to record companies. (a lot of them) or you could get indipendantly signed by you local recording studio by asking for an audition. well good luck. i wish you the best =) and have fun doing it.

  11. 11
    whiteparrot Says:

    The music and performing industry is incredibly difficult to break into. But, you probably know that. Most singers have to be “discovered” by someone who is invovled in the music industry. Making a demo is a great idea. You should also try to find an agent to represent you. You can find lists of musical agents on the internet. Be very careful, however, who you entrust your dreams to. There are a lot of hucksters out there (look that word up in the dictionary). Read Dolly Parton’s biography. You will get an idea of the determination and guts it will take to fight your way into the industry if you are not invited into it. Not to discourage you, but good voices are a dime a dozen. People who make it in performance have far more than a good voice.

  12. 12
    BlueVelvet Says:

    I can relate to your exciting dream. I have also received a lot of recognition for my singing. You should take every performing opportunity there is and get your professional degree in vocal performance when you eventually get to college. Curtis Institute of music is one of the best. You must get an excellent voice teacher. To make sure that you have a great vocal teacher, you have to listen to what their students sound like. That is the number one thing. Most of the best singers have been initially trained classically. (Beyonce, Katherine McPhee)Once you get the technique down, you’ll be able to sing in any style your capable of. To become a respected professional singer you should develop great ear training skills and be able to sight read music. With these techniques you’ll makelots of money in no time. And with a beautiful voice you’ll attract more people to listen to you. Do as many talent shows as you can. Let your voice be heard. I am currently in college, being trained as an opera singer. I know what I’m talking about. Believe me. Good luck, dear.

  13. 13
    tv_vitek Says:

    First of all, FIND A GOOD TEACHER! It can not be stressed enough how important this is so you can learn proper technique and avoid vocal problems later in life. A good teacher will have knowledge of how to develop your career and should be able to refer you to other voice teachers or coaches who will help advance your career in areas where s/he may not have the needed resources.

    However, remember that no single teacher can teach you everything there is to know about the art of singing. It is common to change teachers after 3-6 years of study. It is also not uncommon to study with two teachers at the same time if you’re studying different vocal techniques, such as, e.g., operatic style singing or “belting,” which is the style in which more popular pieces like Broadway musicals are sung.

    Never believe a teacher if s/he tells you they are the only person who can turn you into a star (in fact, run from them as fast as you can). Good teachers know they’re not the only good teacher in the world. The best way to ensure that you’re with a quality teacher is to review what results they’ve had with other students, though this is not always an indicator. Some of the most famous teachers are famous because they’ve had a very successful performance career themselves, and because they’re able to attract advanced and/or particularly talented students. Such students, naturally, don’t require the same kind of teaching you do. When looking for a teacher, audition for several teachers and listen to their feedback. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and tell them what your expectations are. Choose a teacher on the basis of how s/he made you feel during your “trial lesson,” what their past results have been with other students at your level of development and the feedback you receive from them regarding your own expectations about a career as a singer.

    Remember that the arts are a TOUGH BUSINESS, and that regardless of past achievements, your dedication and the quality of your teacher, you will still need not only a lot of hard work but also a lot of luck in order to reach your dream. I wish luck had nothing to do with career success in the arts, but that’s just not the way it works. You will often be judged by people according to their subjective opinions. Becoming a great singer is not like becoming a great athlete where getting over the finish line proves you’re the best. THERE IS NO FINISHING LINE IN THE ARTS. You can, however, increase your chances of success by really getting to know what the business side of the performing arts is like and how it works.

    Below are a few sources that will give you a perspective on careers as a performing artist. Use these sources and, above all, talk to people who have developed successful careers as singers to hear many different aspects of how to achieve becoming a successful singer. THERE IS NO SINGLE OR “RIGHT” WAY TO ACHIEVE SUCCESS IN THE ARTS.

    Making Music in Looking Glass Land is the answer to the need for a practical guide for launching careers in classical music – business survival skills for the young professional musician. The publication is a no fuss, straight-talk description of the arena. A book I highly recommend, it is published by Concert Artists Guild – the website address is below.

    A good “job description” of being a singer is avalible online at:

    Also, read trade publications such as Classical Singer magazine and use their online forum for networking. Classical Singer also publishes a number of good books on marketing yourself. Even if you don’t want to become an opera singer, this is a good ressource to use on vocal technique, etc.

    Good luck!

  14. 14
    tinkywinkerz Says:

    If you”re really serious and ready to take the next step you should(i wish i could sing!) You need to start low and keep on singing in the community….it woulnt hurt to try out for community plays plus it would be fun too…..also the important step is if you are willing to go the lengths to set up an interview or audition with a talent attourney or talent agent…i kno it might sound cheesy but they can actually help you find a good deal and hopefully help you on to bigger things. If you live near a big city it wouldnt hurt since you could probably go to big auditions for record companies…etc

    Probably the most important thing to realize is that fame and stardom shouldnt be you top priority….remember to enjoy what you do…im sure you do so persist and keep at it! Good luck

  15. 15
    just plain me Says:

    Keep doing what you are doing. I also have the same dream that and acting (On Broadway you can do both lol)
    you can look online for Agent Auditions if you feel confident. Then an Agent could tell you if you are good enough to be pro.

  16. 16
    thesingist Says:

    i am a semi-professional singer, and the only advice i can offer is [a] get as much rehearsal time under your belt as you can, to make sure that when you step up to the mike you have enough confidence to hit that first note.
    [b] you will need a large and varied repertoire, don’t just concentrate on the style of music you like as your voice may suit a different genre
    [c] try and do as many gigs [performances] as you can to get experience. there’s no better way to improve your stage presence than playing to a live and sometimes hostile audience
    [d] get your self some good backing tracks, or ideally a good backing band. i’ve often had to rely on the venues own musicians and that’s not an ideal scenario, as they usually know everything, and actually know nothing, about your performing style or how you want to project your-self to the audience
    [c] if your thinking more along the lines of small clubs to get you started, you’ll need a good public address system as you cant rely on smaller venues having a decent sound
    [d] and finally and maby most importantly, get as much support as you can from family and friends, at the very least they can help carry your gear. break a leg [good luck]

  17. 17
    LASHAWN C Says:

    mabe the nicest song youve ever done and a nice outfit mabe even put a picture on the boards of your school and tell them when it’s going to be and hope alot of peopele come.

  18. 18
    A Realist Says:

    The first step is to get better at singing. Even the pros are still doing vocal exercises and working those vocal chords to perfect their craft. You could try a music teacher or you could try doing vocal lessons from the comfort of your home. Which is what I personally like to do. If you to know of a good vocal program to try from home you can try the Superior Singing Method. Read a review about it here: http://magiclyric.com/2014/05/become-a-better-singer-with-the-superior-singing-method/

    Another part of breaking into the industry is recording good music and promoting it and yourself. Of course through social media like Twitter and Facebook, and try booking gigs. The industry is at a point where they are more interested in signing talent that is already developed and has a following than investing money in building someone from scratch. Hope that helps. :)

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