is it nice and fun to play the guitar or an electric one?

Saturday, May 24, 2014
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Question by Angelii: is it nice and fun to play the guitar or an electric one?
is it i’ve been wanting to play it but wich one or are they the same like electric and a normal guitar is it the same learning how to play either or is it very different i like how it sounds and all but is it easy ihad quit playing the piano because it got a bit boring now i want to play the harp but since it is difficult to find somebody teavhing me i turneed to the guitarso is it fun

is it nice
do you have to practice A LOT
i became more interested when i saw a pink one

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Answer by MikeFITLIFE
Hahaha yes playing guitar is very fun but at the same time it, along with pretty much every other musical instrument, takes a lot of dedication and practice. Im assuming by “regular guitar” you mean acoustic… its not too much different from electric other than A – It generally has no electrical components (although there are elect/ acoustic guitars with pickups in them and tuners) B – The strings are usually harder for you to press down on but, its good to build of finger strength by using an acoustic. Electric guitars can be very fun, especially when you start using pedals for distortion and all sorts of neat sounds. Its up to your prefrence really. But personally Id start off with the acoustic because they can be quite cheap, you dont need an amp to hear it and you can build up finger strength a lot quicker. Guitar is tons of fun and you can easily learn the basics in a short amount of time. Good luck.

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