Is it very hard to get signed to a major record label?

Sunday, May 11, 2014
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Sign to a Major Label
by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer

Question by : Is it very hard to get signed to a major record label?
I’m a 14 year old guy. And It’s becoming my dream of being a hip hop singer in the music industry like artists such as ne-yo, usher, justin timberlake, jesse mccartney, chris brown and etc.

I’m okay at singing, but if I train and get a vocal coach and have enough dedication, can I get signed?!

This guy got famous of youtube and got signed to zone interscope records: Dan Talevski
Please, will it be possible for me to get signed like him? I’ll work as hard as anyone.

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Answer by Stormy Sky
Yes, anything is possible. As long as you work on your craft (singing) and do as much as you can to get noticed, it will happen.

It isn’t too hard, I mean it is diffcult but the reason so many people never make it is because they give up.

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    GAGA Says:

    we have the same dream dude!

    the answer is yes extermly hard! its much easier for girls!
    not only is an amazing voice needed you need the look the abilty to light up a stage and have everyone mezmerised when you sing!
    try doing a prefroming arts course when you go to college thats what am doing and it really helps get out there and bosst confidence!!

    but yes anything is possible if you work hard and belive in yourself, belive you have the xfactor and you will!! xx

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