Label or Independant?

Thursday, May 29, 2014
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Sign to a Major Label
by Rob Ketcherside

Question by Doober C: Label or Independant?
If you had talent and could rap would you sign your soul away for fast cash or struggle and keep your music real and go independant?
You can say you wouldnt sell urself out and go with a record label but that dont happen you are a fukcin puppet like george bush once you sign those papers
true if you go plantium they paying you like a million and they profit about 13 million i guess thats why lil wayne made a rap about his one milli he got from all u dumb mothafukcas
dominic your fukced labels own u, u dont even write your own lyrics if u do they tell u what to write about u become a fukcing gimmick look at wayne and game there gimmick is were bloodz look at soulj girl his gimmick is cool new dancing to pull in kids thats not them why u think wayne does so much drugs he livin a lie look at ur fav mc and find tracks when they werent signed and now that they are cant u notice a difference or are u to fukcing brainwashed by lights camera bling rims bithes hoes to realize get the fukc outta here

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Answer by hairhorn
Major label chumps are suckers. All that money they give you up front is an advance, ie a LOAN.

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8 Responses to “Label or Independant?”

  1. 1
    epul (RHH`s Fresh Air) Says:

    it depends if i have the deal in front of me and i need money badly to help out my family and could make a difference with
    i`ll have to take one for the team and signed to an big label

  2. 2
    S.T.K(MURS Revenge!!) Says:

    Independant hustle!!

    in the long run you will get your money back, if you are good.
    AND you will get more respect

  3. 3
    Tony Graves ™ Says:


  4. 4
    Tom W (Jack N The Box) Says:

    Independent, just so i can do my own thing and not be told to sell ringtones

  5. 5
    jacka$$ Says:

    dude you totally understand where i am coming from.i rather keep it real and just stay independent.the labels only wanna hear u rap about a new dance,saying,style,or about the party life and all your money.

  6. 6
    Dave Chappelle 4 President Says:

    People say independant here, but I’m damn sure they would change their decision if they were really in that situation. I’d go with a label, I’m all about the money

  7. 7
    GCG Says:

    in the words of the immortal technique
    “I would rather make a lot of a little then make a little of a lot.”
    of something like that

  8. 8
    Dominic Says:

    Pretty sure one can be on a label and make real music and be independent and make s****y music.

    Your logic is failure.

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