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Monday, May 12, 2014
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Question by googirl8907: Music Industry?
I want to get in to the music industry as a producer or recording enginer. Any schools that would help me with that?

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Answer by tari36867

Full Sail. its a school in florida

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    sshazzam Says:

    Colorado Institue of Art has a great program.

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    Simmy Says:

    Savannah College of Art and Design, State universities, any of The Art Institutes,etc.

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    honestanswer Says:

    It is one of the most difficult industries to break into. You need to make an independant demo tape. Save your money, get a song and produce a high quality recording of that song on digital. Then look into marketing your talent. Put your best foot forward. Make the best quality recording you can afford and don’t settle for any inferior studio. Buy the best studio time you can.

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    musikalgrl20 Says:

    i went to full sail in winter park florida. they offer a variety of programs and they are all full time courses (which means you go day and night, sometimes at 4am). i took recording engineering and it was a fun school. lots of guys there.
    just a warning to you, it is VERY VERY VERY hard to get a job and make money doing this after you graduate. one of my friends from the course lives in miami doing sound at a recording studio now. he started there on an internship after school and is a full time engineer there now working with top names in music. (mariah carey, michael jackson, etc.)
    i tried a couple internships only to discover i did not want to do an internship making NO money and didn’t want to relocate. for some people it works out great though! good luck!

    oh and there are some other schools

    they offer recording programs but are 4 yr degrees (blah!)

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