Please Tell Me if There is A Flaw in My Plan?

Saturday, May 31, 2014
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Question by Jeff J: Please Tell Me if There is A Flaw in My Plan?
I am attempting to start a magazine, which will deal with a number of socially relevant topics and be marketed to educated people ages 18-30. The magazine will also come with a CD of 8 diff. songs by aspiring musicians. Now, my idea is this: I will place ads on several places online and in a few newspapers, calling for writers and musicians of all kinds to submit their work. The ads will lead to a website, which will give them guidelines as to how to submit. They will have to submit their work (writing or music) along with $ 10 in the form of a check. Those whose work is selected will be published and will receive a small cash prize. The musician and writer who submit the very best work may receive a larger prize. I am hoping to receive 1000 submissions, netting me $ 10,000 to go forward with printing, publishing and releasing the magazine (small circulation of course). If I advertise correctly, do you think I can get 1000 people to submit? The idea seems so simple I wonder if I am overlooking something. Please let me know. Thanks in advance.

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Answer by Sybil C
The only problem I can see is that people that write usually get paid for their articles. The money is usually made from selling advertisement space in your magazine and from the sells of said magazine. You may have a hard time finding someone to pay you to use their material.

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    Ed A Says:

    Who do you think would pay to have their work published?

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