Q&A: Can anyone name me a band that hasn’t sold out yet?

Wednesday, May 21, 2014
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Sign to a Major Label
by marsmet474

Question by Sadistic Satanist: Can anyone name me a band that hasn’t sold out yet?
i know of these bands that i have heard have sold out:
Linkin Park
Iron Maiden
Green Gay

and etc…

Best answer:

Answer by Minerva
Sold out is an arbitrary term, and it’s usually used wrong by people who didn’t the like the direction a band took.

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13 Responses to “Q&A: Can anyone name me a band that hasn’t sold out yet?”

  1. 1
    meanddave Says:


  2. 2
    MartianAmbassador Says:

    Please explain how Slayer or Iron Maiden have sold out. Yes, they play big stages, that just means they’re popular. Once a band is popular, they’ve sold out?

  3. 3
    Patrick Bateman Says:

    people love to accuse music artists of “selling out” these days……..
    when in reality, most artists want to have more diversity in their music, which is a fun thing to do

  4. 4
    space1999 Says:

    define “sold out”, 1st gig,, 1st single,, 1st album?????, to be honest ,its a meaningless question.

  5. 5
    Gaz Says:

    Every band “sells out” as soon as they sign a recording contract.

  6. 6
    So-crates Johnson Says:

    Yeah I dont agree about Maiden or Slayer. Heres some more that havent sold out…

    Iced Earth

  7. 7
    Solbrave Says:

    Maiden didn’t sell out.

    There’s tons of bands that haven’t sold out.

    Revocation is just one.

  8. 8
    sugaree Says:

    i challenge anyone that talks of bands “selling out” to go on tour, pay roadies, guitar techs, lodging, and every other cost involved with being a touring band and then come back and tell us all about “selling out”.

  9. 9
    Lessons From Liars™ Says:

    Signing to major labels, playing arena shows, gaining radio play ≠ selling out.
    Changing personally, writing songs specifically for radio play = selling out

  10. 10
    12disneyhater Says:

    Dir en grey. They have released an impressive 8 albums, and each one has them doing their own thing. They have certainly changed their sound over the years, but not to appeal. They changed because they wanted to. And it shows. Even if you don’t like non-English speaking bands, they are a band I think every metal fan should give a listen.

  11. 11
    Anne Says:

    All bands with talent change their sound. Life changes. So does music. I actually think it is the fans of accused bands that sell-out.

  12. 12
    mm.dd.yy Says:

    You should check out MarsBands. http://www.marsbands.com/genre/
    None of them have sold out and they are all either on Independent labels, on their own labels, or unsigned. The music is good, pure, and exciting.

    These are some of my favorites:

    Dead Sara

    Well Hung Heart

    Lupine Bell


    The LBians

    These United States

  13. 13
    Justin Sane Says:

    Slayer and Iron maiden haven’t in my opinion

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