rate some Greenday songs?

Monday, May 26, 2014
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Question by Sean Jones: rate some Greenday songs?
Song you LOVE
Song you like
song you dislike

Best answer:

Answer by Skrillex

and all

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3 Responses to “rate some Greenday songs?”

  1. 1
    The Ghurag Says:

    AWESOME songs: Basket Case, Platypus (I Hate You),
    GOOD songs: Hitchin ‘a Ride, St. Jimmy
    NOT SO GOOD songs: Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Wake Me Up When September Ends

  2. 2
    Mama Nuveau Says:

    I like the one where he says…It Ends Tonight, and I also liked the one where he says “I walk the lonely road…” I haven’t heard all of their songs, but I can’t remember hearing one that I disliked…Billy someone was his name? I remember my young next door neighbor who had a garage rock band used to profess his hatred for Billy _____(?). That probably made me listen to them more alertly when they came on the radio.

  3. 3
    Sammy Blu Says:

    I really love the whole part that goes from the song “American Idiot” to the song “Holiday” in the American Idiot album.

    I like so much “Welcome To Paradise”.

    A song I dislike is “East Jesus Nowhere”.

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