What are some tips that I could use to write songs?

Thursday, May 8, 2014
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Song Writing
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Question by advicegirl: What are some tips that I could use to write songs?
I could sing,dance,and act but I want to do song writing but everytime I write a song I don’t like it and it seems unoriginal

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Answer by ★ Baby Panda™ ☆
Song Writing Tips.
#1: You should focus on love.
The greatest hit songs of all time have been
written on this theme. No point re-inventing the
wheel. Let ideas flow out of your heart. You
should not be afraid to write lyrics that say what
you feel. Love songs work!
Songwriting Tips.
#2: Stop thinking so much about the money.
While this is the music business, you would do

better focusing on doing music for the love of it
instead of making money your primary focus. If
you’re doing this just because you think there is
money to be made, when that doesn’t come you
will become frustrated and give up. Focus on
writing good songs and the money will follow.
Songwriting Tips.
#3: Listen to music.
Listen to hits. Ask yourself this question. What
has made these songs hits? What tricks and
techniques has the songwriter used? My friend,
why create mediocrity if you can copy genius?
Some people tend to think differently. But I beg to
Songwriting Tips.
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Then check out these Professional
Songwriting Secrets.
#4: You should write songs every day.
Writing every day will pay off. You don’t
necessarily have to write an entire song each and
every day, but a few lines will go a long way.
Practice makes perfect. The more time you spend
writing songs the better you will become.
Songwriting Tips.
#5: Write songs about your own
It’s probably much easier to write about what
you know than what you’ve never been through.
It comes from within. You should however think
of your market and give your songs a global
appeal. Songwriting Tips.
#6: Rewrite and Polish your songs.
You should keep rewriting and re-polishing your
songs. What sounded brilliant before may not
create such a great impact later. So keep refining
these lyrics or melodies which you think need
enhancing. Make sure that your song is polished
to perfection.
Songwriting Tips.
#7: Keep a recorder close by.
Keep a tape recorder or MD close to your bed.
Sometimes you may wake up with a brilliant,
million dollar idea.
That’s right my friend. You never know. Sing it
into your recorder. If you don’t, your
songwriting idea may be permanently lost.
Songwriting Tips.
#8: You should carry a notebook.
Similarly, you should carry a notebook. Jot down
these ideas. They come unexpectedly. Some of
the greatest hits that were ever written started
with one simple, stupid idea. Don’t miss out.
Songwriting Tips.
#9: Childish creativity.
Before you begin writing a song, you may need
to get into a childish frame of mind. It will fuel
your creativity. Just ask the psychologists. So my
friend, start playing those childish games of ‘
yester-year’. I have certainly tried this on many
occasions. Wanna join me?
Songwriting Tips…
#10: Read Read Read.
Read books on the subject of songwriting. Read
the good ones. This has surely helped me a lot.
There are many good
songwriting books out there, that will give you all
the songwriting tips you’re searching for. You
may even want to consider giving the library a
Read more http://www.ultimatesongwriting.com/songwriting-tips.html

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