What’s an electric chopper that cuts lettuce?

Monday, May 19, 2014
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Question by Manderin: What’s an electric chopper that cuts lettuce?
What kind of electric chopper will chop salad- including Lettuce?
I get salad at a local salad place where you go in and choose your ingredients and then they put all the ingrediants you chose for your salad including the type of lettuce into a chopping machine. What comes out is yummy chopped evenly mixed ingrediants in a matter of seconds.

So I tried doing this in my food processor and no matter how little I tried pulsing it- it still cut the pieces of my salad way too tiny- almost to a salsa. Especially the leaves of lettuce.

What kind of chopper do you think these guys use? I’d really like to get one. I would totally eat more salads if all I had to do to make one was dump all the ingrediants in a machine at once and it spit out a nicely chopped salad.

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Answer by Nana Lamb
I use Pro Salad Master for shredding lettuce and other veggies. Not sure these are still on the market as I have had mine for more than 25 years and it is still the most amazing gadget I have in the kitchen. No, I don’t use a food processor for this job. It mushes the foods too much.

I also have very old fashioned hand cranked salad shredders that I got before the PSM! they do not have bowls to catch the foods, just stand on cutting board or in salad bowl and start cranking and pressing the foods through them.

A Harp is an old one bladed board that you slide the lettuce or cabbage across that shreds it beautifully and has been in use for more than a century.

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    Laurie Says:

    I truly have never heard of one that chops lettuce.For me, it is part of the fun in making the salad,Looking in my fridge to see how to vary it.Sometimes I add extra onions,sometimes even manderin oranges.I make a huge one and place it in a quart bag.to use over a couple of days.

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