Career in the Music Industry?

Monday, June 23, 2014
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Question by kytigergirl: Career in the Music Industry?
My daughter wants to major in a musical field in college. What career options are there in the music industry besides performance? She plays viola and wants to continue that as well but with an additional field of study.

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Answer by cooperm2435

You could go into films, advertising, teach in schools or outside of schools, she could look into a music tech type thing where you make up compositions using synths and other forms of technology

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    erick Says:

    composition, arranging, promotions, publishing, artit managment…

    I notice you’re in Kentucky. If you can, have her check out Belmont University in Nashville. Their music industry training program is one of the best, and might give you both some ideas

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    darklord155 Says:

    Viola is actually a smart idea because it’s a less popular instrument. Getting a good chair in it is actually easier than most instruments. My orchestra ha not many violas and they make everything because the orchestra’s are desperate for viola.

    Now, is she first chair violist in her orchestra? Has she easily made all-county and all-state orchestras?

    Performing will make the most money and all ways remember, there’s no guarantee to making an orchestra. 90% of people don’t become a professional musician who studied to be one.

    I would consider this ONLY if she was very good and first chair of one of the orchestra’s she in. If not forget it.

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    Heather Wilde Says:

    There are loads of jobs in the music industry. To name a few and some examples:

    Music performance (playing)
    Music business (becoming a band’s manager)
    Teaching (..self explanatory)
    Audio production (working in a recording studio/ doing live sound)

    Those 4 are the easiest to get started in. Personally, I’m the same way. I chose to study in Audio Production. It’s only 2 years of schooling (which is only option but definitely suggested) and the job is extremely gratifying

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