Good recording equipment?

Tuesday, June 24, 2014
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Recording Equipment
by bokeh burger

Question by : Good recording equipment?
I want a youtube account when im older and do “lets play”s but i dont have any recording equptment.
for the consoles id be recording on are;

ipod touch
I also need good audio because i will be doing voice overs , i hate my voice on low quality recordings :P

Please dont say a camera, one that will record things ONLY on screen

Thanx :)

Best answer:

Answer by Shahaneh
Well, you can record the 3DS with another 3DS in 3D.

And then put your SD card in your Computer and upload them.

There are instructions on YouTube on how to upload your 3D Videos to YouTube.

And YouTube allows people to watch 3D Videos in 2D.

Sorry I can’t be of help for your Non-Handheld devices.

But the 3DS should be great for Recording all DS & 3DS iPod Touch & even Wii games, well maybe Wii games.

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