Help, Song Writing Tips?

Saturday, June 21, 2014
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Song Writing
by mr.push

Question by wildcatemilee: Help, Song Writing Tips?
I need some tips on how to start a song. How to write one. Help.

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Answer by kenny.ken
thing of a tune then start putting words into it. then star meorising it!

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3 Responses to “Help, Song Writing Tips?”

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    soxy237 Says:

    I write music for my dad…. he is a country signer… so I know this stuff
    first you need to think of the lyrics then the tune …. it wont really work the other way around… now choose a layout forexample 4line verse chorus 2 more verses and so on. Choose something you feel strong about like beleive in yourself or the war or guys. then go by your heart and just sing and you will think of something

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    sophdaloaf123 Says:

    Type something random into google e.g. banana lol. Use the stuff that comes up and be inspired. Then just start with the first line and continue. Or if you can’t get any ideas – take a break and come back to it.

    Good luck with your song!! :D


    p.s you could watch a musical or even music and lyrics

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    Kiyoshi Says:

    well, when i write songs, i usually start by making the music.

    then, find words that match the emotion and rhythm of the song. Try to draw from real life experiences or feelings you have for something.

    if you try to find the words before you find the melody, sometimes it leaves you looking for a note that you don’t know how to make.

    if yous stuck on figuring out the melody, try learning some cover songs (songs by other people) and using some of the techniques or notes from the song.

    I would love to hear (or read) it when its done. mail it to me!

    also, you can check out my music page:

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