is a piccolo trumpet a good instrument?

Monday, June 23, 2014
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Question by AlanL: is a piccolo trumpet a good instrument?
i asked my music teacher if he would ever add piccolo trumpets to the band and he said that that instrument is awful and is always out of tune and i want one and he said u would be waisting your time

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Answer by Andrea
trumpet is better

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    John T Says:

    The piccolo trumpet is a specialty instrument, notoriously difficult to play and even more difficult to play in tune and with good tone. A good piccolo trumpet is expensive and a cheap piccolo trumpet is unplayable. The piccolo trumpet must be played with great finesse and delicacy. A certain degree of maturity is also required since you can’t force the piccolo trumpet sound. Every good piccolo trumpet player I have ever heard or met is very proficient on the Bb or C trumpet, but not every good trumpet player can become a good piccolo trumpet player. They truly a different instrument that must be approached with different technique and attitude. By the way, the piccolo trumpet doesn’t make you play any higher, in fact, it’s harder to play high on a piccolo trumpet than it is on a regular trumpet. Finally, virtually no band music calls for a piccolo trumpet (personally I have never seen any) so unless you’re playing in an orchestra your chances of finding a piccolo trumpet part are remote.

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    Teaim Says:

    If you like the sound of the instrument, then I think you should play it no matter what you’re teacher says.
    If your teacher was any kind of a teacher he would encourage you to pick up an instrument that your interested in.

    Regarding being out of tune, ask your teacher if he ever heard of Thelonoius Monk? He innovated the sound of jazz and eventually somehow was featured in a cover story of Time Magazine.
    I think your teacher is more interested in having you “fit into” a band, rather than revolutionize the sound. You’re teacher is “safe”, where as jazz is not safe. Its adventurous.

    If your in a classical band, than disregard my answer.

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