Is it worth going into the Pop music industry?

Friday, June 20, 2014
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Question by Player: Is it worth going into the Pop music industry?
I am thinking about it because you get to dance, sing, travel and go to VIP places, but I am not sure if this is for me. People have told me that most musicians do not make a lot of money, but then I don’t know. I don’t want to be like a Disney star, but more like a k pop artist.
Can someone list me the pros and cons?

I also have some questions.
1. Do you get a lot of free time if you become a pop artist? How much sleep do you get?
2. Since your always with fans, can you still date in life?
3. Do you get freedom in your music or are you told like exactly what you have to do by your record company?
4. What happens to the artists who don’t make it?
5. Can you still go to college or change careers later?
6. Can you still do things normal people do like eat at McDonalds, spending time with friends, going to a theater to watch a movie?
7. Any opinions, suggestions, advice, or other information you think I should know?

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Answer by Zealand F.
Pop music is very mainstream.

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2 Responses to “Is it worth going into the Pop music industry?”

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    Kassandra Says:

    The new generation is now turning to pop. Not much rock, screamo, rap but POP. It will be worth getting into the pop industry because you’ll get alot of people on your side. From elderlys to middle aged to young kids! You’ll get them all. Pop is the new music I’m our generation.

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    lets_fabricate Says:

    1) You have free time during the day, but not like you do now.
    2) Sleep depends on what time your shows would be, when you do interviews, etc.
    3) Dating is rough on the road having fans throw themselves at you, but a lot of artists make it work.
    4) If you’re signed to a major label, specifically pop music, chances are you have very little say in your music. When you sign that contract, they control you. They’ll get you writers and make you make the music THEY want, not what YOU want.
    5) The artists who don’t make it don’t do much. They might become producers, studio musicians/producers, get a normal job, or just fail miserably with their life.
    6) Yes you can do normal things, but you’d only get like a week with your friends.
    7) I don’t think anyone should get involved with the music industry for fame. You should be a musician because it’s what you love to do more than anything else. Major labels suck up pop artists and spit them back out. There are very few artists that make it big enough to live a nice life. A lot of bands work their asses off for years to get no where. Disney artists make a ton of money because of the audience they target. But again, don’t do it for the money/fame. You won’t enjoy it. The music industry is a hard thing to work with and you’re going to get screwed over at some point or another once you get involved. But in the end, if you make music you’re proud of, it should be worth it.
    /end rant.

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