Q&A: How do my girl group get a record deal?

Thursday, June 12, 2014
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Get a Record Deal
by marsmet474

Question by Chyna: How do my girl group get a record deal?

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Answer by byrde94
Labels don’t just give out record deals, to inexperienced groups. Taylor Swift pounded the streets for years, playing every free gig, open mic etc, she could. She spent some of her own (father’s) money to make some demo CD’s, and gave them out, to people, stations, other artists, labels, everyone, etc.

1D didn’t even know each other. They qualified for the show. (X) Even though they all lost, Nichole thought they looked”cute” together, and Simon ran with that.

Beiber recorded a lot of songs, and posted them to youtube.

I don’t care for any of them, my point is you need years of work and experience and exposure. you need to get yourself out there. There are hundreds of thousands of kids that want to get a “deal”. You are competing with all of them. Labels don’t just sign inexperienced kids. Some come up from Disney, acting etc, Smiley etc. vocal, dancing, acting lessons all help too.

The point? Exposure, a lot of work, lessons, and talent.
It’s NOT easy. There are no simple short cuts, unless you come from a musical family. Again Miley Cyrus is an example. Her father was a famous country singer. Billy Ray Cyrus.

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