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Friday, June 20, 2014
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Song Writing
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Question by : i need song writing helpp?
i write songs, loe to write them. but they always turn out like a song that has already exsited. i need help and good advice on writing a “love” type song. thats all that i really write about.
cansome one give me GREAT advice
and a good start of sentence that will get me going.


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Answer by Raina
1. Write down your feelings for this person, rhyming or not, (but it’s better to write free-verse because rhyming doesn’t really help you with expressing your creativity). But if you do see the opportunity where you can rhyme and it will make sense : go ahead.
2. After you are done writing you can edit read over it and see the changes you could make or find ways to make it better or put more emotion into it
3. Find a tune your song could go into try not to follow into a tune of a song you’ve heard before, or that already exists. It may seem really hard at first, but remember there are still tunes and melodies that haven’t been used yet! They are still left for you to find
4. Go over it now and see how it sounds try to make it a catchy tune or just something you can remember because if you make a tune that just goes on and on it’s gonna be hard to remember the exact tune and you’ll just end up singing a different melody every time
5. The song doesn’t have to have a title but if you do want a title try to find a word that expresses the whole song or your feelings towards this person and if you want you can name your song after the person your writing it about
6. You have just written a song! Now you can keep it to yourself if this was just to let your feelings out or you can post a video of you singing it on the internet if your purpose was for fame sorry if this didn’t help that much but if it did glad it helped :)
7. (the original version was not helpful so this is the only edited part in the article since the steps are most important and some people don’t read the intro or the tips so yea~)

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    wesley Says:

    Ok you should write about a girl you like or write whats in you’re heart.

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