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Monday, June 2, 2014
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Question by xoxoxo: Music industry question?
If you want to pursue a career in the music industry/business, but not anything like a musician or composer, would a MINOR in music be useful?

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Answer by sellatieeat
yes of course. a minor in music and a major in buisness would be very helpful to you in the music buisness. I mean you have to have a sense of the music and what is it before you can actually predict whether it will be hit or not.

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    Elizabeth99 Says:

    I think so. When I interview entry level people for an ad agency (a client),, often they have a bachelors degree and some evidence of interest in the field. Ideally they would have had an internship in the field, or a concentrated independent study in the industry. But when internships, summer jobs and extreme specific coursework are not available, I definitely look at courses they list on their resume.

    In your case, you’d put in the music minor (or list the coursework) and I would know that you certainly are interested in music industry, and not just business (I assume that’s your major) in general.

    I like your strategy. Start researching right now, whether there’s any credit you can get for independent studies in the industry; you’ll be a jump ahead of the competition ;)

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