Q&A: NEED HELP!!! writing a sad song!!!?

Tuesday, June 24, 2014
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Question by LilyPad: NEED HELP!!! writing a sad song!!!?
Alright well normally im good at writing songs and stuff but most of my songs are like love songs or friend songs. im trying to write a sad song. and i need help. Im trying but i have and have had major writers block for over a week. if i give a few ideas can someone start me off? or at least write a chorus? i mean i can list some sad things and all… someone please haha help!!

my idea:

well my dad left about 2 months ago he left our family and we havent seen or herd from him since. our family right now is crazy in mostly bad ways as far as everything being hectic. i love my dad but i think he stopped caring. as much as my dad hurt me when i was younger and the past few months. the one thing im happy about is he taught me to stand on my own 2 feet. i want to write about how even tho he is gone and i took on more responsibilies and act more 50 than 15, i dont think i wud b able 2 if he never taught me to be me
any suggestions would be great!! please no rude ones.

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Answer by Jacquie Joиas ♥♫♪
I write songs and poems about lots of stuff, friendship, finding who you are etc. but when I write, i find I can’t write for the sake of writing it has to be when I’m overwlemed, or upset.

So think of all these feelings to the point where you want to burst, and take a piece of paper and write everything you feel, attach these feelings to nature, life, and past experiences. Then go from there. Your first songs might be rough, but keep writing over and over and improving. Best of luck

Jacquie (L)(L)

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    SugarRush Says:

    I write some songs :)

    Just be deep and meaningfull, Dont give the story away too much in the song. Let the person listening figure out a few things. Whilst your writing – think of a rhythm that you can work with.

    Good luck: :)

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