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Thursday, June 5, 2014
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Question by I sold the world: Record Labels – - – - – -?
If a band presents a demo/album to a label and they tell u change some parts in certain/most of the songs. So u do that but what if its still not to their satisfaction? What would they do in your opinion? Would they cancel the contract?

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Answer by hey2014baby
what they might do is hold off publishing or anything until the songs is absolutely perfect. Also many record labels are picky on what kind of music they hear. I would go to a record label who has published a bands music that is like yours and than they might not be so picky cause that is the kind of music they have published before.

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    Dwarf Cowboy Says:

    Major record labels can do pretty much what they like. A lot of bands sign and get dumped without their record even being released. Perhaps it’s better to release stuff yourself or through a small independent label and build things up.

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