should i play the violin or harp or something else?

Tuesday, June 3, 2014
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Question by Sapphire Sea: should i play the violin or harp or something else?
ive recently been going to alot of talent shows and ive decided id like to play traditional irish music.
im not sure which instruments id lik to take up as they are all beautiful and unique but i think im leaning towards the harp or violin. a harp is quite expensive and i think i find the violin a more interesting and dramatic instrument. now im 16 so im not sure how much time id be able to give to play to it between school and everything and im also on grade 9 in piano so id probably be busy with that, but still if i mreally want to play ill find the time. but isnt the violin really difficult, almost impossible to play and the harp also has such a beautiful sound? i might grow bored and get sick of trying to get a nice sound out of it.
i know im talking about trad music but i love classical music as well and id love to play classical violin as well.

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I wanna’ hear “Melancholy Baby”, gimme’ anudder drink barkeep, hic….

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5 Responses to “should i play the violin or harp or something else?”

  1. 1
    faraway Says:

    The harp seems to give a much more relaxing/sleepy effect.
    The violin add a somewhat romantic touch to music.
    Sure the violin can be hard to learn, but it all depends on who’s learning.
    To learn anything in life, It takes dedication and commitment.
    There’s a phrase: “Nothing that comes easy is worth keeping.” (Easy come, easy go.)
    Commit yourself to it, you’ll be glad you did.
    Have you ever seen/heard Vanessa Mae play her violin?
    The first time I saw her on tv, it blew my mind of how talented she is.
    Search for her videos and see. You might be inspired by her and her style.

    Here’s a peek at Vanessa:
    Here’s a 7 yo girl playing:

    There are little 3 yo kids playing violin, search on Youtube.
    If a 3yo can do it, so can …. YOU!

    Happy violinations. lol

  2. 2
    lainiebsky Says:

    Both harp and violin are fairly difficult to learn and require a fair amount of time and dedication. You’re not going to be able to learn either by picking the instrument up for a half hour once a week. It’s true that it takes a couple of years to start to sound halfway decent on violin, and a few more years to actually sound good. Harp sounds good right away.

    Have you listened to some of the Irish fiddlers out there? Some of them don’t seem to care much about getting a good sound.

  3. 3
    Catherine Says:

    Rent an instrument first.

  4. 4
    Anon Says:

    Coming from a violinist, I obviously think you should pick the violin :) The violin isn’t as hard as you think. And since you can already read music, you’ll do great on learning the technique because you can focus more on that rather than focus on learning the notes on the staff. The violin is so fun and yes, very interesting. I started when I was 11, I am 16 now as well. I have progressed a TREMENDOUS amount and I maintain first chair in orchestra. I have played in my states youth symphony, I take lessons from the local college, and I play at school. I definitely think you should play violin. Don’t shoot yourself down if you really would like to play the violin because you are already 16. It really doesn’t matter :) Irish music is fun to play! I had the hardest time at first on violin… but one day I just sat down and I MADE myself learn the notes on the staff and transfer that to the fingerboard of my violin. After that it all came to me and just clicked. So if you’re really dedicated and you want to do it, I definitely think you should play vi :) Go to a local music store and ask to try out a violin. Pick it up, play a few notes, see how it feels.

    Best of luck, have fun! And don’t ever give up :)

  5. 5
    Libraryanna Says:

    You can get budget celtic/folk harps that aren’t too expensive. Probably no more than a decent violin would cost. The link below links you to various US harp companies and you can compare prices.

    A full concert harp is very expensive. But a small celtic harp with levers isn’t so bad. (Levers let you play sharps and flats.)

    I’ve tried the violin, when I was a child, and it didn’t get into it. I started harp at age 50+ and found the nice thing is, it sounds good even if you screw up. It isn’t horribly hard to play simply.

    If you really want to go budget, you can get a cardboard harp kit for $ 130. It actually sounds decent. It only has 19 strings (although I added one so I could play more songs) and no levers.

    The harpsicle is a budget harp that is good for beginners. You can get it with part, no, or full levers.

    Don’t buy a Pakistani harp. They are cheap and the sound is terrible. (If a harp doesn’t say where it’s made, it’s probably Pakistani, especially if it’s ornate.)

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