Song writing becoming easier?

Tuesday, June 17, 2014
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Question by Heavymetal singer/screamer: Song writing becoming easier?
Hey,I’m 16 right now although i still see moderate difficulty writing songs(meaning it takes me a while and I delete my lyrics alot) over the past 2 years since I’ve shown interest in lyric writing my lyrics sound more mature and flow together better.Anyone notice with age/experience it becomes better?It’s still not at a point where i can write 1 song every day but I can make rough drafts and spend couple days editing it or if i get frustrated I delete it.

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Answer by JULiAiSQUEEN:]
write about stuff you love and know well then its more intresting and easier it just kinda spills out. dont ever delete lyrics. just keep em around for inspiration and you might be able to use them for other songs.
get a ryming thesorous and get somebody else to edit it so its less stressful

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    hopelessly_devoted Says:

    yes, with age and experience song writing gets better. when i started out my lyrics weren’t the greatest and as i matured and got older i noticed that my lyrics were better and they had a little more mystery to them, they weren’t just right up front telling the listener how it was like the early lyrics. and no one is going to write the perfect song in a day. i’m sure its happened before but for most people the lyrics and the song is going to change overtime. you find things that fit better with the feel of the song. if you get frustrated then just take a break from it. inspiration will come to you. maybe not right away but it will come. just keep up the good work and don’t give up. =]

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