song writing help!!!?

Sunday, June 15, 2014
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Song Writing
by mr.push

Question by annas bananas :]: song writing help!!!?
ok, so i wanna write a song about this boy i really like, who kinda likes me back, but has a GF
ok, so whenever i start it turns out SO cheesy! so can someone help me get started, and give me some advice?

thanks soooo much!

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Answer by Payne

Make a chorus and build a song around it. thats how i write. Like for a love song…

You can be my one and only, I never want you to go away, and i dont know what lies ahead but i just want life to FEEL THIS WAY!… Lets watch it unwind Before our eyes, lets watch as the world will change… Because i only know that i can live forever when you are next to me… I am immortal…

thats a song i wrote on quizilla

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