The Best Rock Songs of the 70s – part one

Friday, June 20, 2014
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The Best Rock Songs of the 70s - part one

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25 Responses to “The Best Rock Songs of the 70s – part one”

  1. 1
    An. S. Says:

    Wuere is queen? Huh

  2. 2
    whitedust696 Says:

    can someone make this into a cd plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  3. 3
    Dementia Boy Says:

    So THIS is where Tarantino selects his songs.

  4. 4
    kennatiousc Says:

    don mclain rock?

  5. 5
    fathur soebono Says:

    dat opening from layla

  6. 6
    Saraphine S Says:

    hey you are good. all great songs for sure.

  7. 7
    kennatiousc Says:

    hats off to roy harper ? they should have chose have a cigar,sung by roy

  8. 8
    dianemickelson Says:

    Very good list. Good choice of songs. And if someone could make this into a
    CD that would be awesome. now have to look for part two by you.

  9. 9
    Judah Carr Says:

    I love playing classic rock on the fender bass. :D I need to get it fixed,
    it gets really static sometimes and annoying as INNfGnNgGMSMG

  10. 10
    noloferratus1 Says:

    It’s interesting that none of these songs seem to feature baritone vocals.

  11. 11
    Helmut83 Says:

    Man, this is amazing! I’m always unhappy with these compilations because
    there are important bands or songs which are missing and other which I
    think shouldn’t be there, but this one is just perfect! Congratulations.

  12. 12
    Bob Remel Says:

    Thanks ! Brings back a lot of memories……………..

  13. 13
    wizzjo1nt5 Says:

    Ohio is the best.

  14. 14
    TooStinkinFine Says:

    Dude, this was really good. Going to check out part two now! Peace

  15. 15
    Wanda Kelley Says:

  16. 16
    Wanda Kelley Says:

  17. 17
    O'Neil Godfrey Says:

    *The Best Rock Songs of the 70s – part one*

  18. 18
    TheTemest Says:

    I saw Alice Cooper in downtown Phoenix last week Lives here) and he looks
    no different today than he did back in the ’70′s.

  19. 19
    TheDotRush Tent Says:

    Stair way to haven is the best rock song

  20. 20
    monica bræck Says:

  21. 21
    Bob Remel Says:

    Just got back out of Vietnam my second time.
    Everybody was still back here having a good time………………
    Went back……………..
    Left in 1973………………

  22. 22
    joann smith Says:

    sorry but I don’t look at the Beatles as Classic rock

  23. 23
    sroinujacob Says:

    One of the most decent lists I have seen on YT. Great selection. 

  24. 24
    Andrew Nicholson Says:

    music was so good in the 70s even the 80s for a bit but all your pop crap
    and hip hop and phoetuses trying to be stars [most of whom couldnt sing
    never mind play any instrument]and as for rap…fuckme …they left the c
    off the front of that word !! long live rock and roll !!!!!

  25. 25
    Alfred Loser Says:

    You are a genius 

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